Download Mr Meat MOD (Mega Menu) + APK 1.7.0

Download Mr Meat MOD (Mega Menu) + APK 1.7.0
Name Mr Meat
Publisher Keplerians Horror Games
Latest Version 1.7.0
Genre Horror
Size 143 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Mega Menu
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If you are a true fan of the horror game genre, it feels really scary. Then Mr Meat  MOD APK (Mega Menu) is the game that you definitely have to join. In the game set in a gloomy abandoned house, players are forced to participate in a terrifying chase with a bloodthirsty killer. Follow the article below to learn more about the Mr Meat game.

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Download Mr Meat Mod – Experience the creepy, scary horror game

Publisher Keplerians Horror Games is a very famous game development company. The company is loved by many gamers because of the stimulating and realistic horror games they create. If you love this game genre, you will probably know Evil Nun or Ice Scream. Mr Meat published by Keplerians Horror Games is a horror game that combines puzzle and action. If you are looking for a game to relax, entertain, then Mr Meat will not be for you. However, this game will definitely be the first choice for those who are looking for a game that brings fear, surprise and excitement in every breath. Mr Meat is sure to make every player feel satisfied even the most demanding player.

Special features that help the game Mr Meat attract players


Mr Meat is set in a time when the world is having an epidemic. The city you live in is also affected, a lot of people have become zombies. Your neighbor is Mr Meat – a zombie while alive is a cold-blooded butcher. Now he has no soul, which makes Mr Meat a serial killer. He just wanted to kill living creatures to satisfy his hunger. The house Mr Meat lives in is described as a haunted house, where it is filled with corpses. This place even holds the unfortunate people he kidnapped.

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Recently, there has been a very serious criminal case in the area. A female student suddenly disappeared mysteriously. Follow the clues of the case. Your character has reached the house of Mr Meat. By chance, your superiors assign you the task of investigating the case of a missing schoolgirl. This is your chance to confirm the rumors surrounding this house.

Horror adventure in the butcher’s house

Mr Meat will give players a horror adventure. Because during the entire game time, you will only be active in the house of the serial killer. As in the plot mentioned above, the player’s task is to find the missing schoolgirl. She is being held captive somewhere inside this gloomy house. Observe and search carefully every corner of the house to rescue that poor schoolgirl. As described in the plot, Mr Meat is an extremely dangerous person. He has extremely monstrous hobbies that are drinking blood and eating raw meat. Therefore, you must move very carefully so as not to be detected by Mr Meat. If discovered, you will be chased by him, your outcome will be no different from the unfortunate victims.

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The context in the Mr Meat game is set up extremely cold and scary. Although there is no dark corridor like other titles of the same genre. But in Mr Meat, players will be active in a gloomy house, everywhere is blood and meat. In particular, the killer Mr Meat can suddenly appear at times when you are not paying attention. The old glass doors and crumbling moldy walls will surely make the hairs on the back of your neck shiver.

Find clues to rescue the victim

The girl who was kidnapped by the killer is being held somewhere in the house. According to the collected clues, the imprisoned girl needs to be in many different places and can change after a certain period of time. You will have to follow the tracks left by Mr Meat to find her. Many physics puzzles require you to think logically and find the right items to perform a certain action. For example, when opening the door will need the key, opening the chest or the mysterious tunnel also needs the same thing. In addition, players need to carefully observe the items on the floor, drawers, wooden cabinets, … to look for letters, pictures, videos that bring useful clues.

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Fly or face to face

During your quest, the cold-blooded butcher will always be around. If unfortunately discovered by him, you may have to use your life to pay for your actions. The manufacturer will not let players be too disadvantaged, when starting the mission Mr Meat will provide players with guns and a few other melee weapons for defense.

MOD version of Mr Meat APK

  • Mega Menu

If you are looking for a horror game, gore and a little creepy. Then the Mr Meat MOD APK game will definitely give players a real experience with dramatic and unexpected chases.


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