Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK 1.1.0 (Unlimited Money) Download
Name Kick The Buddy Remastered
Publisher Playgendary
Latest Version 1.1.0
Genre Action
Size 80 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play

Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK is a fairly entertaining game on the market today. Most players want to relieve stress when participating in this game. Kick the Buddy’s gameplay is unlike any other game today and is extremely attractive. Let’s test your ability to “mortify” how far with Kick The Buddy Remastered Mod (Unlimited Money) version below!

Download Kick The Buddy Remastered Mod – Release all the stress on The Buddy

Kick The Buddy Remastered is a game released a long time ago by Playgendary. Many people commented that this game brings high entertainment and eliminates stress. With unique gameplay and sharp images, Kick the Buddy has attracted a large number of downloaders. Partly because of curiosity, the other part is the need to relieve stress in today’s anxious life. In the game, you will “vent” your anger on a dummy character named Buddy. This dummy is designed quite cute and can change the costume at will of the user. What you need to do is use all methods to torture Buddy to receive money and items. In addition to the basic physical methods, people can equip additional weapons. Overall, this is a very good stress reliever game in life.

Release your anger with Kick the Buddy

Kick The Buddy Remastered brings many unique and creative features different from the games on the market. It is also compatible with most popular platforms today from mobile to computer. Players can download and experience at any free time. However, make sure you are over 12 years old to be able to participate in this game. Let’s see the special features that Kick the Buddy brings to users!

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Unique game mechanics

The first thing to mention is the new and different gameplay mechanism of this game. Kick The Buddy Remastered gives you a pretty cute dummy, but if you want money, torture it. There is no limit on how you perform, the amount received will be calculated through the damage dealt. Destroy the dummy until it falls to pieces or is completely destroyed. However, do not worry, no matter how much you destroy, Buddy can still revive you to release your anger. Players can also use many tools and methods from classic to modern. Where will your creativity in execution go, is that way really the most dangerous?It all depends on the player’s thoughts and actions.

Provocation from Buddy

If only looking at that cute dummy, no one would want to “execute” it. Buddy can anger you with a lot of “obnoxious” methods. You are confused when performing the execution method, it will tease you for being weak and not daring to do it. Will you stay calm or angry at those words and go back to take revenge on Buddy for more gold?

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Various tools and weapons

In order to help players have more different methods, Kick The Buddy Remastered has equipped with many tools. There are some such as: ropes, axes, swords, bombs, guillotines,… The more rudimentary tools are, the cheaper the price and vice versa, the more modern tools will cost more. Players need to learn how it works in order to use it. Moreover, no matter how expensive the tool is, if you don’t know how to use it, it’s really a waste. So players need to think of a reasonable method to create the most damage, get a larger amount of money initially spent. The arsenal will be more and more as you get higher level.

Many Bosses Appear

In Kick The Buddy Remastered, there are not only dummies but also many Bosses. After each level of defeating Buddy, you can meet the “boss”. He is extremely obnoxious and much larger than the dummy, and has higher stamina. Players need to use all they have to defeat the Boss. Of course, this is not easy, but it brings a sense of challenge and challenge for many players. And the bonus you can get is not small.

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Vivid graphics and sound

The last thing that Kick The Buddy Remastered attracts players is the graphics. The developer has designed the game extremely detailed and carefully. From cute-looking dummies to giant bosses and a diverse arsenal of weapons, all are depicted through 3D technology. Combined with sound effects to create comfort and entertainment for many players.

Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited Money

Download Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK  for Android

Kick The Buddy Remastered MOD APK will bring players even more interesting things. You can own the most advanced weapons, the most beautiful costumes, the most expensive. Since then, methods with high danger and super damage have been formed.


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