Free Fire Hack Diamonds – How to Hack KC FF 2021

Free Fire Hack Diamonds – How to Hack KC FF 2021
Name Free Fire Hack Diamonds
Publisher MODPURE
Latest Version 2021
Genre Action
Size 321 Mb
Requires Android
MOD 99,999 Diamonds
Get it On Google Play

Hack Free Fire diamond is a hack that receives the attention of many players. Diamonds are the currency that plays an important role in this Free Fire. Therefore, it is understandable that gamers are looking for a safe, standard KC FF hack. After the hack is successful, the player’s game account will receive a large amount of KC for free. Detailed information on how to hack free fire diamonds will be shared right below.

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What is Free Fire Diamonds Hack?

Hack Diamond Free Fire or hack KC FF is a hack for enthusiasts of Garena’s survival shooter game. This famous game is loved by its unique gameplay and diverse mission system. Joining the game, you will officially set foot in the thrilling and suffocating battle for survival. To improve combat ability, you need to equip the character with items. In addition to clothes, weapons, pets also have Royale cards and many other items. To have these you can load real money into the game. Or attend events organized by Garena. As can be seen, it is not easy to earn diamonds in Free Fire. Whether by depositing money or participating in events, it takes a lot of time, even money. Therefore, KC Free Fire hacks gradually appear on the forums. Based on a hole in the game, hackers have infiltrated to install hacks. With standard FF Diamond hacks, when done successfully, you will receive 999999999 KC. Once you have this huge number of diamonds, you can freely buy characters as well as good equipment.

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Has KC FF hacked?

One of the biggest risks of a hack is the security of your account. This is the reason many gamers have not dared to download the Free Fire Diamond hack. The HOT level of the hack Free Fire versions is very visible. Because the benefits of this hack version of KC FF for players are great. However, the hack is unofficial. All game companies warn of using 3rd party software that interferes with the game. On MODPURE, there are many different Diamond Free Fire hacks available. Each section has its own special feature. There are software that require a fee, there are also software that are provided for free to players. The most important is efficiency and safety. To avoid being locked, you should use a secondary account to experience or it’s best to choose the paid versions. Usually, the paid versions are more reliable. Therefore, the status of nick lock is also limited to the maximum. In particular, if you want to play rank, these free fire diamond hacks are very suitable.

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The Latest Free Fire Diamond Hacks 2021

As shared, now there are many websites that provide Free Fire diamond hacking application. However, not all versions are of the same quality and safety. If you want to download a free, highly reliable hack, please refer to the hacks we provide below. All of these are hacks that have been successfully applied by many gamers.

Diamond Hack FF OB30

The Free Fire Diamond OB30 hack is one of the most downloaded. This hack possesses many advantages, more prominent than other downloads. The process and how to download is quite complicated. However, just persistently follow the instructions and you can install it successfully. Note, the installation needs to follow the correct steps. Avoid the situation of doing the wrong step leading to the virus entering and causing the nick to “fly color”. Installation details are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to CH Play => Search for “Diamond For Free Fire Converter”
  • Step 2: Download the application to your device and install it.
  • Step 3: Open the application => Register full information according to the instructions on the screen => Select the game name => Enter the character ID.
  • Step 4: Click “Convert Diamonds” => Enter the number of KCs you want to hack.

Hack Free Fire Golden Diamond OB29

Download the game Free Fire Hack Diamond with OB29 version to ensure a high success rate. The version has many special hacking features. In addition to the free KC hack, there are many support features.Details of this KC FF hack are as follows:

  • Menu: Hack FF KC
  • Menu, headshot, AIM BOT get 99999 diamonds
  • Antiban, anti-lock nick
  • Speed ​​Hack
  • Gun Hack
  • Mod Skin FF
  • Anti-Shock Hack
  • Clear fog, clear grass
  • Hack weapon damage by 15%
  • Fix some bugs: reduce lag, ping, improve FPS,…

Free Fire Hack 99,999 diamonds OB28

Free Fire Gold Diamond OB28 hack for iOS devices. To download this Free Fire diamond hack, follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Go to the App Store => Find “Diamond For Free Fire Converter”.
  • Step 2: Download the application to your device => Press “receive” or “install”.
  • Step 3: Open the downloaded application => Proceed with simple installation steps.
  • Step 4: Select “Diamond Convert” => Enter the amount of diamonds you want to hack => Next. Re-enter the game to check if diamonds have been added to your account.

Free Fire KC OB27 Game Hacking App

The KC FF OB27 hack has been successfully installed by many gamers. The outstanding advantage of the hack is safety. Along with that, the installation steps are simple and easy to follow. Immediately install this Free Fire Diamond hack to comfortably upgrade your character.

3 How to Hack Diamond Free Fire Safely

In addition to the above hacks, you can try some other safe ways through support software. As for the Free Fire Diamond hack thanks to the software, the installation will be a bit more complicated. However, in return is the quality as well as limiting the risk of locking the nick. Here are some quality Free Fire hacking software you should install:

Hack Free Fire 50,000 diamonds with Tool Diamonds

With Tool Diamonds, you can successfully hack diamonds for the game Free Fire. This combo hack has a simple installation step. Moreover, safety is also appreciated. Please install the hack with this software with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Download the file “FreeFireHack_Diamond. APK + file OBB. Zip” to your computer.
  • Step 2: Download hacking software “Tool_Diamond_OB29. TXT”
  • Step 3: Extract the file => Get the folder “com.dts.freefiret” => Move this item to the file /Android/OBB.
  • Step 4: Install the game hack file FreeFireHack_Diamond. APK.
  • Step 5: Open the game => Go to settings => Enter the code scripts, copy from the hacking software Tool_Diamond_OB29. TXT => Click OK.
  • Step 6: Wait for the hacking process to run for about 1 minute => Exit the game, then check again if the account has been added to 9999999 KC or not.

download free fire diamond 999999 hack

App Hack KC FF – Diamond For Free Fire Converter

This KC FF hack supports both Android and iOS operating systems. However, the main minus point is the safety during implementation. There is no guarantee of absolute safety when you use this hack. Therefore, the advice for you is to think carefully before doing it. Or should try with a secondary nick.

  • Step 1: Go to CH Play or App Store => Enter “Diamond For Free Fire Converter” into the search bar. Or download the Apk file provided by the website to your device.
  • Step 2: Press “Get or install” => Open the application => Select “Diamond Convert” => Enter the number of diamonds in the “Result” box => Click Next to continue.
  • Step 3: Open the game (do not turn off the hack) => Log in the game => Check the amount of diamonds after the hack.

Hack Free Fire Diamonds with is also a Free Fire Gold Diamond hack chosen by many gamers. To avoid losing your nick, please use a secondary account for trial installation.

  • Step 1: Go to website => Enter Free Fire game ID in the information boxes
  • Step 2: Click on KC hack => Enter the number of diamonds you want to hack => Enter.
  • Step 3: Complete the tasks in FF to get the KC redemption code.
  • Step 4: Download the Diamond Free Fire hack application => Install.
  • Step 5: Return to to get the code => Enter the code in the confirmation box.
  • Step 6: Finish => Check the game.

Choose one of the standard Diamond Free Fire hacks above and follow the installation steps as instructed. After successful installation, you will have a large number of Diamonds to unlock the character. When the power is increased, it is certain that the performance of the tasks will be much simpler. Wish you download KC FF hack and install it successfully.

Link to download Free Fire Hack Diamonds for Android


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