Download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD (Unlimited Ammo) + APK 1.6.53

Download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD (Unlimited Ammo) + APK 1.6.53
Name Zombie Gunship Survival
Publisher Flaregames
Latest Version 1.6.53
Genre Action
Size 130 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited ammo
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Zombie-themed games always attract a large number of gamers. Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) is the game that won the top position on CH play right after its launch. In a short period of time this game has had millions of downloads on the Android platform. Launched for more than 10 years, but so far it is still a game that has received a lot of love from gamers.

download Zombie Gunship Survival mod

Download Zombie Gunship Survival Mod – Survival war with Zombie

Zombie Gunship Survival is a shooting game released in 2011 by Flaregames. Over the years, the game versions are still updated continuously to give players a better experience. Players can easily play and download games to their phones, both on Android or iOS. Join us to find out what the Zombie Gunship Survival game has to offer players.


With attractive gameplay – Zombie Gunship Survival has a minimalist control system. With only two virtual keys, players can control an aircraft to destroy Zombies. The player uses the skill to move the gun at the target and shoot them. When you have a new target, you want to change the weapon. The operation is also very simple. Now players just need to click on the equipment buttons on the left side of the playing screen. Each of these Zombie battles takes only a few minutes from the start of the game. In Zombie Gunship Survival, players will act as the last line of defense. The mission is to protect humanity, prevent the attack of Zombies. Players need to kill the zombies before they can hit their military base and kill the humans. After completing the mission, the player will receive a bonus and can use it to upgrade weapons, receive equipment rewards, ….

Various Weapons

Zombie Gunship Survival has the most advanced weapon system. Including more than 30 different types of guns and rockets such as: sniper rifles, cannons, AKMs, pistols,… But these weapons are not available from the beginning.

ZombieGunship Survival mod

At the beginning of the game, you are only given three weapons: 40mm automatic cannon, 105mm cannon and 25mm autocannon. The remaining weapons players can buy with bonuses received after completing missions to kill zombies. Depending on the combat goal, speed and range, you can choose the most suitable equipment and weapons.

Types of game maps

Up to the present time Zombie Gunship Survival gives players 4 different types of maps. Each type will have its own salient features as follows:

  • Bunker Charlie: Map with a configuration of many surrounding high mountains, rugged terrain.
  • Bakersfield: An industrial power plant map. After a few minutes a train passed by.
  • Pleasant Acres: This map includes many different roads. These roads will be designed to run around the housing area.
  • Lockdown: This is a recently released map. The structure resembles a prison with many large walls surrounding it.

Each map will have a safe shelter. The player’s task is that in addition to fighting, they also need to be skillful and agile to protect people. By putting people in a safe bunker before being eaten by zombies. With each map type will have different difficulty, players need to find a battle strategy that suits it. Especially do not be subjective because zombies can attack you anytime, anywhere. If you are a little careless, you can lose immediately.

3D graphics and immersive sound

Built on high quality 3D graphics – Zombie Gunship Survival has sharp images, realistic to every detail. The game uses the main color tone, which is dark and gloomy. Comes with two different game modes: BHOT and WHOT mode.

hackZombie Gunship Survival

In BHOT mode people will be black and zombies will be white. The WHOT mode will be the opposite, the player is white and the zombies are black. Due to the flexible color mode, players can experience better when switching game modes at will. Besides, the sound of Zombie Gunship Survival is also appreciated. Bringing the unique thrill and attraction of the game: sometimes gentle, suspenseful, sometimes exciting and scary. Especially before a special event happens, players will hear the game’s mysterious music playing.

MOD Version of Zombie Gunship Survival APK

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Unlimited money

Zombie Gunship Survival is a top attractive survival shooting game for gamers in the World. This is the clearest proof that Zombie games have never been outdated. Especially up to now, players can easily download and play on mobile platforms. So what’s the reason that you don’t download Zombie Gunship Survival mod full to have a great experience!


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