Download Zombie Diary MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.3.3

Download Zombie Diary MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.3.3
Name Zombie Diary
Publisher Mountain Lion
Latest Version 1.3.3
Genre Action
Size 65 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Are you looking for Zombie games? Then come to Zombie Diary MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is a pretty famous zombie game and many challenges for gamers. You will transform into survivors of a worldwide mass extinction. From here, the rest of the world must band together and destroy the bloodthirsty Zombies. There will be many things you need to do while fighting hunger and hiding from zombies. Let’s explore the Zombie Diary game in the following article.

downloadZombie Diary mod

Download Zombie Diary Mod – Horror Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie Diary is about a global pandemic that turns people into zombies. The time of the incident was early 2013. After that, the zombies appeared all over the world and spread terror to mankind. In the game, you will transform into an uninfected survivor. You will have to do many things to survive and overcome external threats. Be strong and stand up against the evil Zombies, bring peace to the world. The game’s plot is not too special and tells about a post-apocalyptic epidemic similar to other zombie genres. But the task system and character creation, the game screen makes gamers feel excited and drawn in.

The background of the game

Zombie Diary is developed according to independent principles. On the background of simple 2D graphics, the characters and zombies in the game are designed quite vividly and creepy. This stimulates gamers to find ways to survive before the Zombies. The combat system in Zombie Diary is made quite diverse. You can use everything on your way to make weapons and fight Zombies. In this big world, you are alone. Therefore, the feeling of horror increased even more.

Zombie Diary modEvery time your character falls, humanity is almost extinct and you have to start over. So be very careful.

Rising against ferocious Zombies

When starting Zombie Diary, players can choose the characters they like. Each character has its own set of skills and characteristics, in addition to the ability to withstand. Players will role-play these characters and enter the journey. There will be movement buttons on the left side of the screen and attack buttons on the right to fight. For large swarms of Zombies, you should find a way to sneak past them instead of facing them. As for single Zombies, fight to gain experience. Along the way there will be a variety of weapons and items. You must collect all to be able to survive and destroy the zombies. After each Zombie attack, you will level up and learn more fighting skills.

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In general, the gameplay of Zombie Diary is not too difficult. You can not only hang around in one place, but also discover many new lands through different levels. There will be a small map in the backpack so you can determine your location. When going to the laboratory or cemetery you will face a larger number of zombies. The types of undead also have different ranks. They will cause you a lot of trouble.

Own a huge arsenal of weapons

Zombie Diary now has 24 different weapons. They will have their own damage and durability. Therefore, you need to use these weapons in each case. Depending on the strategy and tasks in the game, judge the situations accurately. For example, cannons can destroy a remote area of ​​zombies. Chainsaw or cane can hit melee, …Each weapon has different damage and functions. Depending on the tactics and playing style of each person, promoting the strengths of these weapons.

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Discover the characters in Zombie Diary

Even though you’re fighting alone in Zombie Diary. However, players can experience optional characters before entering the game. There will be 5 different characters for you to choose from. You should play all 5 of these characters to know the strengths and weaknesses of each.5 characters with 5 different looks will make you less boring. In particular, they will have a separate skill set to fight Zombies. In addition, players can also upgrade character attributes to make them stronger and run faster. This is the special mechanism in the game.

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MOD Version of Zombie Diary APK

  • Unlimited money

For a Zombie title, maybe Zombie Diary is not the best game. However, they still bring new experiences to gamers. You will transform into the last survivor on earth, overcome the ferocious zombies and survive. Download hack Zombie Diary mod to your device and start the journey.


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