Download Zombie Diary 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.2.5

Download Zombie Diary 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.2.5
Name Zombie Diary 2
Publisher Mountain Lion
Latest Version 1.2.5
Genre Action
Size 32M
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Following the success of the previous part, Zombie Diary 2 Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited Money) has been released and continues to make waves in the gaming community. This is a survival game in the evil Zombie world. You will collect weapons and items on the way to be able to fend off the undead. The details in the game make players feel suspenseful and satisfy their curiosity. Let’s explore the game Zombie Diary 2 Evolution mod full money in the following article.

download Zombie Diary 2 mod

Download Zombie Diary 2 Evolution Mod – Exciting Zombie Shooting Game

Zombie-themed titles have always had an appeal to gamers, and game publishers have made good use of those elements. Players when fighting the undead will feel both fear and excitement. Today, the game Zombie Diary 2 Evolution will take you to the lands full of Zombies. Players will begin a long journey on the way to discover the epidemic and find valuable items in the game. This is the sequel to the game Zombie Diary, a game that is shaking the gaming community on mobile. The gameplay is simple, requires no skill from the player and is very entertaining. You just need to persistently collect items on the road and know how to avoid the Zombies to be able to complete the task. When your character is strong enough and possesses many good weapons, destroy all the Zombies along the way.

The plot of Zombie Diary 2 Evolution

The plot in the game Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is about a future world. They are different from part 1 when it happened in 2013. At this time, on the earth appeared the evil Zombie type and almost dominated all activities. People are now weak and scattered.

ZombieDiary 2 mod

This terrible disaster fell on the earth, causing the extinction of mankind to increase. You need to survive and find a way to hide from these bloodthirsty Zombies. The plot of the game is also quite similar to the first part. You will play as a survivor, hunting for clues and collecting weapons along the way.

Tasks in the game

When entering the game Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, you will have 2 main tasks: survival and destruction of Zombies. Zombies in the game do not appear on one side, but can come from anywhere. You have to be really careful or they will surround you, then it will be difficult to escape. Zombie Diary 2: Evolution has a sweeping style with a fast pace. You can shoot for hours without ever getting bored. A special feature of this version is the diverse mission system that helps players explore the world in the game. You have to go rescue hostages, defend against waves of zombies. Each successful level will give you a lot of money and valuable items. Your character will also level up and increase the necessary skills.

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Currently, there are 11 mysterious maps waiting for players to explore. There will definitely be pleasant surprises for you.

Various weapon systems

Coming to the game Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, you will own a massive arsenal. A series of popular guns such as pistols, sniper rifles, automatic guns, etc. are integrated in the game. In addition, melee weapons such as knives, axes, sticks, etc. These items are sold in the store. Players can accumulate money to buy better weapons. Each weapon type has different damage and ammo. You can use the money in the game to upgrade these weapons to increase their power.

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Building unique characters

Before entering the game, you will choose the character. However, unlike the previous version, players can use money to buy other characters. These characters in addition to appearance and style also have better stats. Every time you level up your character, you can increase the stats to make them stronger. In addition, it is possible to use potions to strengthen the character. The potion will be obtained through the quest system. In particular, with the game screen forced to flee, you should choose characters with high running speed and the ability to dodge attacks. As for the hostage rescue mission, choose a character with good resistance to high blood.

modZombie Diary 2

Evaluate the graphics and sound in the game

In terms of graphics, the game Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is still built on a 2D platform. However, the characters are designed quite beautifully and create a creepy feeling often found on Zombie game series. Especially the game screen is built very mysterious and new. You will feel lost in a new city and feel very curious and excited. The sound of the game is also done quite well. The background music with melodious resonance is repeated many times, they are both gentle and create a sense of suspense. Especially the sound effects of guns and Zombie sounds are quite lively. You will be surprised when they appear.

MOD version of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution APK

  • Unlimited money

Compared to the first version, this full money Zombie Diary 2: Evolution mod has many new features. The game publisher has updated new features, added more missions and can choose different characters to overcome challenges. You will definitely want to try this fascinating Zombie game.


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