Download War of Rafts MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 0.28.30

Download War of Rafts MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 0.28.30
Name War of Rafts
Latest Version 0.28.30
Genre Casual
Size 42M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Have you played games about sea battles?War of Rafts MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an exciting battle royal game with a thrilling battle at sea as the main setting. Not too fierce, but still gives people the feeling of excitement when facing challenges. Learn more about this interesting game in the following article.

download War of Rafts mod

Download War of Rafts Mod – Experience the frenzied battle at sea

War of Rafts is an entertainment game released by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. In the game, players will be participating in fierce naval battles with stickman warriors. The endless blue sea scene is where this battle journey takes place. Your opponents can be players from all over the world. Therefore, quickly expand your territory and coordinate your army smoothly to assert your gaming skills.

What’s interesting about War of Rafts?

Drama naval battle with stickman

The open sea is the main setting of the game War of Rafts. Players will stay on a white square and move it to every position in the sea. This square is considered a “boat” that accompanies the player throughout the battle. The player’s task is to move his ship across the ocean in search of rafts and armies to defeat the enemy. Before the battle begins, players will be able to choose their own color for their ship. Depending on the game mode, the color selection also has its own differences. You need to find the right color blocks to match the boat you own.

Warof Rafts mod

Gather an army to fight

In War of Rafts,  what determines victory or defeat in each battle is the force involved. To confront the enemies with a powerful army, players need to build themselves a powerful army. By absorbing stickmans for sale into lifebuoys at sea to form an army of marines. The larger the army, the stronger the destructive power of the army. Your chances of surviving at sea now depend on your combat skills. Equip your army with a lot of skills and train yourself to be ready to face all enemies. Smart strategy combined with the unity of the army creates great power to fight the enemy. These will definitely help you have a better chance of surviving in the War of Rafts naval battle.

Upgrade the battleship

Upgrading the boat is something you must do as you dive into higher combat levels. Upgrading the boat will help expand the size and area of ​​the boat, helping the warriors to focus on fighting the enemy.

download War of Rafts hack

With just a simple operation, drag the boat to the position you want to upgrade. The system will automatically put the pieces of the boat back together without you having to do any extra moves. For small-sized boats, choosing the angle to pair is quite easy. But if your boat has been widely paired, this will definitely be a big challenge for players. A war boat that is both wide and solid will be a premise to help stickman warriors feel more secure in the process of fighting.

Collect items in the sea

When moving battleships at sea, players can unexpectedly collect items that are beneficial for battles. Typically engines or a few other factors to increase attack power, ability to test the army. With enough luck, the player can even collect a defensive tower. Although the percentage of players collecting this tower is extremely low, maybe luck will come to you unexpectedly. In addition, chests and treasures will also appear quite a lot in the sea. Items and chests will give you the opportunity to own super cool skins. So don’t just focus on fighting and miss out on collecting them.

hackWar of Rafts

Join multiplayer mode

Perhaps many players don’t like or feel interested in having to fight alone. Therefore, the publisher of the game War of Rafts also launched a multiplayer mode to help players feel more excited. In this mode, you will be competing with many opponents from all over the world. Players need to combine skillfully the warriors, skillfully control their battleship to bring victory. The rewards for the winners in this mode are guaranteed not to let players down.

War of Rafts APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

War of Rafts will definitely be an appropriate entertainment game to help you relieve stress and stress in life and work. Join the war at sea with interesting stickman in War of Rafts mod!


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