Download Urban Legend Hong Kong MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.2.2

Download Urban Legend Hong Kong MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.2.2
Name Urban Legend Hong Kong
Publisher Genuine Studio Ltd
Latest Version 1.2.2
Genre Horror
Size 255 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Urban Legend Hong Kong MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an attractive underground horror game that horror game enthusiasts should not miss. Coming to this game, you will be taken to an extremely scary land. Do not miss the article below to learn more details about this game.

Download Urban Legend Hong Kong Mod – attractive horror game

Urban Legend is also known by many as modern legends, urban anecdotes, urban myths, etc. These are modern folk tales. Most of these stories were passed down by word of mouth from one person to another. The context is all taken from the world we live in. The story of the girl who went missing, after a few years found her again in a far away place and completely lost her memory, constantly talking about her past life. Or the story in the empty elevator, those who say offensive words to ghosts will be followed for life by ghosts, stories about mysterious Ouija boards, … These are all typical examples for this genre. Stories often do not have any definite timeline but are simply passed around. However, the ambiguity, half-false half-truth of the story makes many people shiver and rumors more. Even today, many people still transmit these newsletters and small stories on social networks. You can choose to believe it or not, but if you’ve heard the story, it will never stop being haunted. There are many games that put “urban anecdotes” into the game. Urban Legend Hong Kong is also a typical game for this series.

What’s attractive about Urban Legend Hong Kong?


Players will have to transform into Ronnie, a delivery worker of a milk tea shop, located right in a small alley in Hong Kong. Some random events happen, you gradually fall in love with a girl who is a regular customer of the shop.

Urban Legend Hong Kong mod

The girl has a rather strange personality, difficult to understand through special orders. From broken words on the phone, you and her seem to have a connection with each other. Day by day, you and the girl get to know each other more and more through chance encounters in her motel room. Until you feel you are lucky to have a beautiful first love, the girl suddenly disappears. You broke down, life seemed to have completely taken a turn. The girl’s accidental appearance and sudden disappearance have thrown you into a state of crisis. Because I don’t mind the thought of being left without knowing what happened. So you are determined to quit all work, use all your time to “dig up” all the clues, find the truth. After all, the quest has brought you to a terrifying dead land, where just being alive is too much of a luxury. Do you have the courage to find out the truth or decide to close everything here before it’s too late?


Hidden in the creepy but fascinating anecdote is an interactive horror game. Each character in the game has its own little story. Connect, learn and follow the subplots in the story that will lead you to different decisions.

hack Urban Legend Hong Kong

Your task in Urban Legend Hong Kong is simply to make choices in suggested situations. Each choice, action, and word will continue to lead to further story developments. In the end, the story could end up in a completely different direction. Therefore, players need to think carefully, put themselves in the character’s situation to make their own actions.

Game Graphics and Sound

If you still remember the legendary movies of Hong Kong in the past, the game Urban Legend Hong Kong will help you remember those beautiful days. All scenes, design works, rooms with old paint colors have both traditional and modern features. Then came the character creation, small alleys, apartment buildings designed in the game. This is a picture of beautiful Hong Kong that you won’t be confused with anywhere else. The bold contemporary retro designs have become the setting that makes players feel cold and shivering in the game. Although not as gloomy as American horror games, Urban Legend Hong Kong is also not too bright for players to see everything clearly in the dark.

From factors such as effects, lighting, drawings, sound, … are all adjusted by the publisher just enough to make even the “cold-headed” scream in unexpected phases. Urban Legend Hong Kong is currently being subtitled in English. So it will take a bit of work to play the game. But rest assured because the game’s introduction is very coherent, using simple words that are easy to understand.

MOD version of Urban Legend Hong Kong APK

  • Unlimited money

Surely you will never forget the creepy and thrilling feeling that Urban Legend Hong Kong MOD APK brings. Download the game, invite more friends, turn off the lights and take a deep breath and start playing Urban Legend Hong Kong!


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