Download UNKILLED MOD + APK 2.1.10 (Menu, Damage Multiplier, Immortal)

Download UNKILLED MOD + APK 2.1.10 (Menu, Damage Multiplier, Immortal)
Latest Version 2.1.10
Genre Action
Size 593 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Menu, Damage Multiplier, Immortality
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UNKILLED brings players to a dark period of the world, when there are scary zombies everywhere. They attack and threaten human life. Faced with this situation, you and others decided to stand up and destroy Zombies, returning the inherent peace to the Earth.

Download UNKILLED mod – Escape from zombie land

The topic of zombies is getting a lot of attention in recent years. Publisher MADFINGER GAMES has captured this trend and from there, UNKILLED was born. This game belongs to the fantasy action genre, which promises to continue to create an even bigger fever in the near future.

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Drama and engaging plot

If you’ve ever watched movies on the subject of Zombies, you know how scary they are. After being infected with the virus, a person gradually loses consciousness, becomes a walking corpse and is completely controlled by the virus. It was no different from an infectious disease, the level of threat was alarming. The plot of UNKILLED is inspired from here. The world was at peace when suddenly zombies appeared. They attack humans, the main purpose is to turn the Earth into a zombie planet. Other innocent people have all been attacked, you are one of the lucky few to survive. Specifically, in UNKILLED you play a character named Joe. Joe is a talented commando soldier. Although young, he was trusted and assigned the task of controlling the pandemic. Facing the context of the world being engulfed in pain and gloom, Joe and other teammates decided to have a great battle with Zombies, regaining the inherent peace for the planet.

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Great war between humans and zombies

One day when Zombies suddenly appeared and attacked people, everywhere were zombies. To save the world, the most important thing you need to do is find out the cause of the disaster, then know how to prevent it in time. Of course, this journey will be extremely difficult. Humans are weak and soft, in stark contrast to the zombies. They have no life, are walking corpses, so they will not know what pain is. They have the ability to self-heal from injury, incredible power. In this battle, you alone have to face thousands of aggressive Zombies, get seriously injured, but absolutely do not let them bite, otherwise you will also become Zombies immediately.

Engaging action gameplay

When entering the game UNKILLED, you will immediately encounter a scene of extremely fierce chasing between Zombies and humans. As a commando soldier, you are allowed to use weapons when performing missions. Please control the character to move to attack the Zombies. Use a combination of weapons like guns and mines to kill monsters faster.

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UNKILLED puts players in a fiery and extremely tense battle. The game is also designed with a system of diverse challenges. Every time you cross a place, you move on to another challenge. Not only Zombies, terrain with many obstacles is also a difficult challenge for players. Complete missions in each location to quickly move to other dimensions, preventing the Zombies from continuing to harm humans.

Various inventory of items, weapons and characters

Must give a compliment to UNKILLED when designing an extremely impressive arsenal. With more than 40 different weapons such as pistols, rifles, grenades, armor, … are all effective assistants to help you defeat the scary zombies. Each type of weapon has different functions and powers, and the color is also very diverse. The UNKILLED MOD APK allows unlocking the arsenal without paying any fee. From here, you are free to choose the fighting method that you think is effective to destroy all Zombies as soon as possible. Not only weapons, but the list of characters in UNKILLED is also very diverse. You can freely choose for yourself a favorite character to play. Each warrior has different skills and strengths. In addition, you can also upgrade your character further such as equipping more accessories, increasing fitness to continue to prevent zombies.


  • Menu
  • Damage Factor
  • Immortal

UNKILLED is undoubtedly the favorite action game of all time. In fact, the topic of Zombies game is not new, but UNKILLED has a way to attract players. Beautiful interface, attractive and dramatic gameplay are the biggest advantages that make up the success of this game. The UNKILLED MOD APK version on MODPURE is also updated with an immortal feature, from now on you just need to focus on fighting hard to kill the Zombies. Download the game to your computer to transform into a warrior to save the world from evil zombies!


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