Download Tough Man MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.23

Download Tough Man MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.23
Name Tough Man
Latest Version 1.23
Genre Casual
Size 39 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD No ads
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Tough Man MOD APK is a simple but very entertaining game. The game does not require you to think headache or strain yourself to fight. All you need to do is make simple touches for the character to successfully lift weights. Not complicated or fussy, this simplicity has helped the game of Bigdog Games have an unexpected success. Are you ready to become the “six pack” guy in Tough Man?

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Download Tough Man Mod – Strength training with weightlifting

Catching the player’s eyes is the image of a muscular guy with 6 toned packs. Tough Man is suitable for many audiences. Whether male or female, you can download the game and experience it. After only a few days of release, this entertaining game has earned more than a million downloads. That’s enough for you to believe in an entertaining game as captivating as Tough Man.

Simple gameplay

Tough Man game builds idle style gameplay. Most of the time in the game is very simple touch controls. The player’s goal is to lift weights according to “feeling” so that the clock on the screen shows blue. When you reach this level, you will practice continuously. Through training, health and experience points increase. This will help you qualify to level up.

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The clock on the screen has 3 colors: blue, red, purple. In which, red takes up most of it, if you stop at red, the character is exhausted, the training process ends. Lifting fresh weights with purple lines, the character is boosted for a long time. However, it is not easy to align to this color correctly. Training at the purple line gives you 3, 5 times more experience.

Work hard to get stronger

The more you practice, the better for you. After each weightlifting exercise, the character’s body will have a marked change. Muscles are bigger, stronger, weight lifting speed as well as training intensity are also improved. Along with that is the difficulty of each game screen. The challenge of lifting weights to the right green level becomes even more difficult. Red spreads wider, color narrows. To properly align the green line, in addition to experience, you must have more flexibility.

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The game has 4 levels for players to conquer. Unlike other games, Tough Man does not follow the path. Instead of increasing difficulty, the game creates the most difficult challenge at levels 1 and 4. You will have to be careful in each action, passing levels in turn to get the best results.

Unlock more dumbbells

If you are a new player, when entering the practice room, you should balance your strength by choosing the right dumbbell. Small dumbbells help you get used to the operation in Tough Man. This is also a way for you to gain experience as well as endurance in health. Once you level up, unlock more heavier dumbbells. At this time, the intensity of training needs to change to move towards a new development route. Lifting heavier weights will naturally expend more energy. In return, experience points and great bonuses are waiting for you. The first weight you should choose is 60kg, then gradually increase to 90, 120kg. Gradually increase the weight, the final goal is 1000kg. Your change is evident in each specific stage. Lifting heavy weights takes a lot of effort or not depends on the skill of each player.

Perform exercise

Tough Man seems to be very simple, just playing for entertainment and relaxation, but in reality, it is more than that. The movements that the characters perform are simulated from actual exercises. If you’ve ever been to a regular gym, you can realize this during the game. The design as well as the weight of the dumbbells help the back and shoulder muscles to be more supple and firm. This exercise, if not performed correctly, will cause the hands to lose strength.

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Tough Man MOD Version APK

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If you love gym, care about health and fitness, you should experience Tough Man. Both entertaining and showing off his weightlifting skills as well as witnessing the character’s amazing muscle changes. The graphics are simple but enough to get the full experience. The game is simple but not easy to pass the levels. Download Tough Man mod to be able to conquer all 4 levels in this exciting game. Wish you happy gaming!


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