Download Top Speed ​​MOD + APK 1.40.1 (Unlimited Money)

Download Top Speed ​​MOD + APK 1.40.1 (Unlimited Money)
Name Top Speed
Publisher T-Bull
Latest Version 1.40.1
Genre Racing
Size 84 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Top Speed MOD APK ​​of publisher T-Bull is currently leading the list of the most popular mobile racing games. Do you want to become a great racer, admired by many people? Expensive supercars that we hardly have the opportunity to own, coming to Top Speed ​​MOD APK you do not have to worry about this problem. Whether you can conquer the speed and become the best racer Top Speed, let’s find out with MODPURE right in this article!

Download Top Speed ​​mod – Game of speed

Top Speed ​​gives players the opportunity to experience and explore thrilling and exciting racing. Top-notch competitions, breathtaking speed is something that not all games have.

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Modern and attractive gameplay

Just watching other people compete is enough to make you jump with excitement, not to mention how much more fun it can be to compete yourself. That’s what Top Speed ​​is, bringing players to the luxury racing atmosphere, where people compete fiercely to become the leader of a luxury convoy. Your task when participating in Top Speed ​​is to transform into a real racer. With intense concentration, skillful handling, quick judgment and formidable speed, being the first to finish is the most important goal. Do you want to be the champion holding the winning cup, or accept defeat and have to be behind others?

Battle of supercars

Top Speed ​​is probably your only chance to see expensive supercars, some of which are even limited editions, which are hard to find in real life. There are many different car models for you to choose from. In terms of color, brand, design, engine features, … are extremely diverse, you will surely find a car you like best. With a system of hundreds of unique car models like that, it is not difficult to understand that the “car players” are so fascinated with this game. Any type of car, from modern to antique car, just the model you like can be found. There’s nothing better than driving your dream car.

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Very dramatic direct gameplay

Every match in Top Speed ​​is extremely stressful. There will only be 2 collectors participating to win the final winner title. Do not take it lightly, because the opponents participating in the game are all professional racers, with good and special techniques, fierce will, and absolutely not giving up easily. To become the number 1 racer in Top Speed, it is imperative that you possess both skill and intelligence. Manipulating in the game is not difficult, just hold the screen to let the car move forward. The difficulty here is, you have to skillfully keep your balance while ensuring speed, as far as possible from your opponent. On the track, there will definitely be many obstacles, you must control well to reach the finish line safely.

The “difficult” roads

A race if it’s too easy, it won’t be interesting. Top Speed ​​is to increase the drama of the game, so the racetracks are designed very nicely. The more obstacles the road is, the more difficult it is to move, the more interesting it is to play.

Skill and perseverance training game

Join Top Speed ​​regularly, your skills will definitely improve significantly. Top Speed ​​helps players practice observation and situation analysis skills. Moreover, the game also helps players practice perseverance very effectively. Come to think of it, those who just played can win, right? There will be countless failures to succeed, as long as you don’t give up.

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Some other extras

Instead of having to spend money to buy, or change to other models, Top Speed ​​allows you to “refurbish” your car in a more flexible way. You can change the color of the car, install more accessories, upgrade in terms of speed, .. arbitrarily. Of course, all of these things need money to do. This cost you can earn through other small tasks, or use the same amount of money earned from other races. This investment is completely worth it, the car must be of good quality to be able to compete and win with peace of mind.

MOD APK version of Top Speed

  • Unlimited money

Download Top Speed ​​MOD APK for Android

Top Speed ​​is the top suggestion that MODPURE wants to share with mobile game lovers in general, and racing genre in particular. The game is enough to satisfy you, even if you are a fastidious player. Join Top Speed ​​mod money and start the journey to conquer speed, overcome opponents to become the best racer. Hope you will have an unforgettable experience with this game!


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