Download Tiny Gladiators MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortal) + APK 2.4.4

Download Tiny Gladiators MOD (Unlimited Money, Immortal) + APK 2.4.4
Name Tiny Gladiators
Publisher BoomBit Games
Latest Version 2.4.4
Genre Casual
Size 84M
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money, Immortal
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Tiny Gladiators MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Immortal) brings a new breeze to Arcade game genre lovers. In this game, you will be able to show your strength and fighting skills through competitive matches in the ring. As a gladiator with good fighting skills and experience, you should promote all factors to defeat the opponent. The common goal of every boxer when setting foot in the ring is to win. So brace yourself for the challenges ahead in Tiny Gladiators.

Download Tiny Gladiators Mod – Become a talented boxer

The first impression that Boombit Games’ game gives players is to create a new shape. These boxers are designed with a special appearance. All are tiny characters “big head, small body” in cartoon style. Inside the boxer is strength, skill and high fighting spirit. This is not a boxing match. Therefore, you can use many different weapons to attack the enemy. Show all you have with the right strategy in the ring to become the number 1 boxer.

Tiny Gladiators mod

Simple gameplay

Tiny Gladiators is an Arcade-style game, so basically its gameplay is not much different. What makes the game successful is in terms of visuals as well as some new features. Join the game, you will play the role of tiny martial arts, participate in the mortal arena, defeat other warriors. This showdown allows you to show off your fighting skills to the fullest. Each boxer has his own skills, strength, and use of weapons. You need to control the character flexibly, attack and defend wisely to win. There are all 4 areas to conquer, pass in turn. The opponents are all skilled fighters. To win, you yourself need to become stronger, equipped with more weapons to support combat. Passing each level, you will gain experience and reward money. These are the “keys” to help you unlock new levels and upgrade the character’s strength. Always remember, Tiny Gladiators is a fight between two boxers. Win or lose depends on your skills. Defeat many opponents, become a player in the top 10 to assert your level.

Control mechanism

This action role-playing game has a lot of visual details but in fact the graphics are very light. All character actions in the game are 2D up and down movements. Therefore, even if you are a newbie, you can still get acquainted and catch up quickly.

hack Tiny Gladiators

Through the controls, deploy a series of necessary actions such as attack, defense. The navigation buttons are on the left, the attack and dodge buttons are on the right. This design helps players to control the character, deploying the right strategy that they have built.

Graphics and sound

Tiny Gladiators designs characters and backgrounds in a medieval style with very sharp drawings. You will see the special in the appearance of the boxers. They are all mighty gladiators with “oversized” heads and tiny bodies. This shape does not reduce the attraction of the matches, but on the contrary, it also increases the uniqueness and fun of the game. Besides, the motion and lighting effects in the game are also quite impressive. Combined with the lively sound system to create thrilling and suspenseful matches in Tiny Gladiators.

MOD Version of Tiny Gladiators APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Immortal

Equip your character with the best possible conditions to make your character stronger. Join the powerful attacks and defenses in the game that will give you a memorable experience. Download Tiny Gladiators MOD APK to have unlimited money and use it to strengthen your character.


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