Download This War of Mine MOD (Unlocked DLC) + APK 1.6.2 b891

Download This War of Mine MOD (Unlocked DLC) + APK 1.6.2 b891
Name This War of Mine
Publisher 11 bit studios
Latest Version 1.6.2 b891
Genre Simulation
Size 530 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlock DLC
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This War of Mine is not a new game, but until now, this survival game still has a lot of players. Initially, the game was released on the PC platform. With unexpected success, 11 Bit Studio has released a mobile version. Although fighting on a smaller screen, the experience that the game gives players remains the same. Those are dramatic gameplay, breathtaking survival challenges and human-to-human battles. In This War of Mine MOD APK, you will have the opportunity to explore this entire unique storyline.

Download This War of Mine Mod – Refugee Survival War

Before This War of Mine, there were many similar games. However, objectively, no game has been as successful as 11 Bit Studio’s masterpiece. Also a survival game, but the experience that This War of Mine gives players is completely different. A hero, a warrior, a captain being “thrown” to the challenge of survival has become too normal. Because you will not be able to imagine the extreme harsh life of refugees. Misery, hunger, helplessness, disappointment and surrender. All of this makes them have a stronger will to survive than anyone else. The war has made the world miserable, so many people have fallen into misery and misery. Having to endure the pain of separation and loss in one’s own homeland is the most difficult thing. In the game, you will experience a life of pain, suffering and extreme challenges.

Special plot development

This War of Mine has the highest score in terms of plot. Unlike other survival simulation games. In this game, each player can create their own story. The game is set in the Yugoslav war in the 90s. Not a war of invasion, this is a terrible civil war that lasted more than 1400 days and nights. The whole incident was recorded by reporters through the most realistic lens.

This War of Mine mod

What This War of Mine offers players does not stop there. And your job is to create your own story. How the plot unfolds depends on your own actions and decisions. From the very beginning, the game development team was very clear. There will be no plot in This War of Mine. They just create the context, how it happens is completely dependent on the player’s own choice. Your mission in This War of Mine is to help your group survive in the days of the country’s civil war. The whole episode will develop based on the player’s actions. You will do everything to survive, along with that is writing a memoir, recording everything that happened. Surely these interesting details will help you get unforgettable memories during the game experience.

Hard survival situation

There will be no harsher survival challenge than living in a time of war. Therefore, you will have to try your best to find the necessary things to help you save your life. In addition to food, collect many other important items such as medicine, weapons. The more things you find, the more beneficial you will be.

This War of Mine hack

Things that seem very simple, but in times of war, become extremely valuable. Food and medicine are scarce. Therefore, when you find them, you need to use them appropriately. This is not the only challenge in This War of Mine. Along with finding medicine and food, you also have to be wary of other people. They are also refugees, but not on your side. They can attack at any time to take what you have. This situation makes people more selfish and greedy. Besides being wary of others, you yourself can also rob them, even steal necessities from the army. Do whatever you can to get what you need. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the weather factor because it has a great influence on the health and life of the members.

Unique graphics

Not the gameplay or the task system, what I am most impressed with This War of Mine is the graphic element. Just looking at the images in the game is enough for you to feel the harsh and miserable situation of the refugees. Unlike other games, all the graphics in this game are hand-drawn. It is this different design style that has helped players have more sympathy for the game. Because of that, the space as well as the characters become more real and closer.

mod This War of Mine

Dark monochrome tones reflect the brutality and tragedy of war. The shootings, scuffles, and killings made people fall into misery. The miserable life in the context of war is clearly and honestly portrayed through the hand-drawn images in the game. This greatness has helped This War of Mine have an unexpected success.

MOD version of This War of Mine APK

  • Unlock DLC
  • Infinite Resources

You may not like the gloom in This War of Mine, but it is undeniable that this is a unique and new game. I believe that a lot of people agree with this because until now, the number of people downloading games continues to increase. During the game experience, you may not feel happy and refreshed. However, the game is still good in its own way. Download This War of Mine MOD APK to feel the extreme and miserable life of refugees in the context of war.


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