Download The Last Road – Episode One MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0

Download The Last Road – Episode One MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0
Name The Last Road – Episode One
Publisher POLOSKUN
Latest Version 1.0
Genre Adventure
Size 64 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

The Last Road – Episode One by PoloSkun is an anti-zombie game built in a novel style. The approach angle of the game helps players feel interesting, want to go deeper to explore, find out what is behind it. This is a journey to survive, fight and regain forgotten memories. With The Last Road – Episode One MOD APK version, you will become stronger, able to face the challenges ahead.

The Last Road – Episode One mod

Download The Last Road – Episode One Mod – Fight against zombies

In The Last Road – Episode One you play as a lunatic, wandering in a dangerous world to protect your own life. The gameplay of the game is quite new, combined with interesting features that have created an attraction for the experiencer. The familiar zombie theme is exploited from a new perspective, making everything much more surprising and worth looking forward to.

Game Background

The game opens with a setting like a survival movie. You wake up confused, with a headache and trying to remember what happened. No matter how hard you try, your memories are messy and you can’t string together the events that happened before. You realize that you are in a hospital, however, the surrounding atmosphere is strange, eerily quiet. More horrifying is that the four surrounding areas are surrounded by walls of blood, prolonged blood streaks and scratches. Fear surges, you have a feeling that something terrible is waiting for you ahead. The Last Road – Episode One unfolds in a horizontal stretch of rooms in the hospital. You won’t explore everywhere, you’ll move forward. On the wall is the gun that the game provides. Pick it up and start the challenging journey ahead. The appearance of the first one surprises you. The nurse with the needle in the hand with the pale face of the dead. You realize, it’s zombies and what’s waiting for you ahead.

hack The Last Road – Episode One

Easy-to-grasp gameplay

This adventure game has simple gameplay like straight forward horizontal fighting games. You will gradually escape the hospital by moving forward and killing the zombies that stand in the way. The game gives you weapons that are guns. So you will fight by aiming properly to destroy all zombies in the hospital. Completing missions is a way for you to accumulate money and meet the requirements to unlock new weapons. The better the gun, the greater the damage, the easier your mission is to complete. If you get out of the hospital successfully, you can jump into the ambulance, control the car to run away from this zombie “den”. Once in the car, killing the zombies is much simpler. You can control the car to rush straight to finish them. There are many episodes, like a new chapter in this adventure title. All the obstacles that you overcome are towards the end goal. That is keeping life, finding out the truth behind the zombie disaster and the memory you lost.

Real challenge

The control mechanism of the game is extremely simple. The horizontal scrolling design has only one direction, forward. So you will navigate the character and tap to get the combat weapon. In addition, the game also has some function buttons such as shoot, jump, bow. When you get in the car, you just need to press the steering button and the car will move forward.

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In general, all are basic function buttons, easy to operate. However, there is a rather odd point is the way the character moves. It’s not as smooth as usual but has a bit of jerkiness. The real challenge is the zombies with persistent vitality. Right from the first screen, it was quite difficult. The zombie nurse holding the opening needle is not easy to destroy. To defeat this child, you have to shoot many times. If you’re new to the game, it’s definitely more difficult to overcome later on. To overcome the challenge, you need to upgrade your weapon, change the life of your gun to be able to destroy the zombies that are as tough as leeches in the following levels. In addition, the means of transportation in the game are also quite diverse. You can unlock many new vehicles with special ownership methods such as accidentally “collected”.

Discover the story in your own way

The storytelling style of this adventure game is extremely special. It didn’t turn out the way the players thought it would. Instead of a “monologue”, the character will think in his head, say it himself in the form of “mumbling”. Based on this, you will gradually understand more about the story, revealing what happened before. This lightness, fun and humor helps The Last Road – Episode One become less stressful and less stressful.

The Last Road – Episode One hack

MOD version of The Last Road – Episode One APK

  • Unlimited money

In general, The Last Road – Episode One is a good game, not too great, but not too bad either. Even if you like the novelty and gentle fighting style, this game is extremely suitable for you. Download The Last Road – Episode One MOD APK and try it out to see if the game really suits your taste!


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