Download The Ghost MOD (Unlocked) + APK 1.0.49

Download The Ghost MOD (Unlocked) + APK 1.0.49
Name The Ghost
Publisher Gameplier
Latest Version 1.0.49
Genre Horror
Size 287 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlock
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With friends, the joy is doubled and the sadness is divided by two, but is that the case with fear?Adding a companion will help ease your anxiety or just make things more complicated. Let’s answer the question through the multiplayer mode experience at The Ghost MOD APK (Unlocked).

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Download The Ghost Mod – Dramatic horror puzzle game

The Ghost belongs to the horror genre, has an attractive plot, and it is likely that many people participating at the same time will make the fear even more multiplied.

Special story episodes

Unlike other horror games, The Ghost has more than one main story. Specifically, the game is a combination of many interesting minigames revolving around the monstrous “haunted” theme. The highlight in the game is the chain of interconnected activities, including chase, search and escape. Although the plot is different, your only mission is to find a way to escape from these horror haunted areas. Check out more stories below!

New Wishlie Hospital – Where to Start

The Ghost sets out a “headless and tailless” fantasy plot, specifically you and your companion are being treated at New Wishlie Hospital for more than 2 weeks. During the healing process, everything was still very normal, but on the day of discharge from the hospital, an unusual incident occurred. You suddenly wake up at two o’clock in the morning and are surprised to realize the horrifying fact, that all the other patients have disappeared, except for you. The hospital also took on something very scary, messy, old, and full of scary tracks. The most ominous thing is that this hospital is locked!

The Ghost mod

The only item you have is each flashlight. And things are even worse when the companion is also “hidden and revealed” like a ghost because the ability to see is limited to a certain small range. In the panic when you search all the information about the hospital on the wall, on the floor, you bitterly realize that this hospital has been haunted by a curse. And of course the only way to survive is to escape through the garage door. But things are not so simple when you have to collect all the components of the car that are “shelved”. What will be the fate of you and the other companion, in time to escape the hospital or forever be devoured by souls, then the answer is for you!

The story of High School with many mysteries

The main characters are two sisters Emily and Leila. Both lovely girls live in a small house in a peaceful town. Out of habit, they usually visit the cemetery every Sunday (a very weird habit!!). On a Sunday like any other, Emily suddenly didn’t understand why she felt uncomfortable going to the cemetery and just wanted to stay at home. Leila was still normal, so she went as usual, and Emily from the house watched her lovely little sister peacefully on the street. But before she could rejoice because she remembered the childhood memories together, Emily panicked when she saw a strange black creature following, and slowly infiltrated behind her sister’s back.

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The consequences came quickly the next day, when Leila did not return home from her usual Sunday trip to the cemetery. Emily is very worried and decides to go to the school to ask for help, but just as she walks through the gate, suddenly there is a loud noise, and the gate slams shut. Of course, Emily couldn’t open it no matter how hard she tried, and there was no way to climb over this high wall. But all this is just the beginning of the tragedy. As soon as Emily was forced to go inside the school, she realized with horror that all the students here were fighting a terrifying demonic force. Coincidentally, that monstrous creature was the same “thing” that had managed to enter Leila’s body. Stay the same as your mission is to find your way out of this dark and haunted thing, find the key to open the gate and uncover the horrifying secret!

Gameplay Review

The Ghost supports from 1 to 5 players maximum at the same time. In fact, the experience of playing a multiplayer horror game is also quite interesting. Like the gameplay of other horror games, the player’s task is to run around, looking for clues and items needed to lead to a free destination.

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The control is also quite simple when it is just going back and forth, holding the items, then using logic to find all the necessary parts of the car, or the lock and then escape. But the catch here is that you have to be extremely cautious in the face of time pressure, as well as overcome your own fears. And of course, horror things are planted everywhere in hospitals and schools to prepare players for heart-pounding jumpscare. In addition, the surrounding scenery is extremely scary.

MOD version of The Ghost APK

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In short, The Ghost MOD APK is a pretty interesting horror game if you like a unique experience sharing the fun with your friends. However, the gameplay is nothing special, in return, the scary elements are still quite attractive. You think that overcoming fear will be simple and quick to win, but surely after a period of experience, you will think again. Because this is simply a horror game!


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