Download The Baby In Yellow MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.4.2

Download The Baby In Yellow MOD (No Ads) + APK 1.4.2
Name The Baby In Yellow
Publisher Team Terrible
Latest Version 1.4.2
Genre Simulation
Size 147 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD No ads
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The Baby In Yellow MOD APK (No ads) belongs to the cute horror game genre produced by Team Terrible. The game has a very new storyline, the player will play the role of a nanny responsible for taking care of a strange child. This child always wears a yellow jumpsuit and behaves unusually. Follow the article below to learn more about the game The Baby In Yellow.

The Baby In Yellow hack

Download The Baby In Yellow Mod – Experience the terrifying babysitting process

The Baby In Yellow is Team Terrible’s entry in the GMTK Jam 2020 indie game competition. What’s amazing is that it took the team just 48 hours to write this game. After being released on the app store, The Baby In Yellow has caused a fever in the community of gamers who love horror games. The player’s task is to follow the mission milestones and the game system requirements. However, there will be times when you see a “strange phenomenon” happening in the house that makes your heart jump. The Baby In Yellow is definitely not a game suitable for weak and fragile hearts.

What’s so special about The Baby In Yellow game?


At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced as a nanny hired to take care of the baby for a few months. The job of the nanny is very simple, you just need to feed the child, sleep, play, change the diaper and ensure the baby’s safety. The house you are working in is filled with an unusually gloomy atmosphere. No one was at home. All areas of the house, although looking very luxurious, always give people a scary feeling of threat. Especially the walkway on the stairs and the long hunky rooms of the house. All are immersed in the dim yellow light – the “specialty” of the classic horror film series.

At first you comfort yourself that you think too much and do too much. You gradually calm down when you see the child waiting on the dining chair. The first task is to find the correct bottle and feed the baby. In The Baby In Yellow, all the things the player needs to do will be clearly displayed on a text box in the upper left corner of the screen. After completing the work, there will be a completed and highlighted note, and the unfinished tasks will have white text. Each job comes with an accompanying guide to show where each item is related. A little tip for you before playing is to run quickly around the house from top to bottom, entering each room to take a quick look and get an overview of the house. This will be an extremely important preparation step to help you not get tangled up when you get caught up in the work. In particular, this will help you stay calm and better understand the situation when something goes wrong.

Horrible incident

The first night in the game is probably the most peaceful night the player has ever experienced. Remember this relaxing moment because by the second night you will understand why the game is so popular. The remaining character in the game The Baby In Yellow is a baby. It always wears a yellow shirt, at first glance it looks like a normal baby. But if you take a closer look at the eyes and the angles of the face, you will definitely notice the odd point. Remember that weird expression on that face the first night when you were a little slow to change his diaper or when you carried him up the stairs to his bedroom.

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Surely you will have goosebumps with big round eyes that keep staring at you without blinking. Is this the face of an angel like so many children you see?It looks weird if not distorted, monstrous. You will see this most clearly when the baby is sleepy or upset about something. The second night opens with the same scenes and actions as the first night. You prepared mentally and quickly followed the instructions in the game. But at this point, the child became extremely irritable and began to scream some unintelligible words. Its face seems to be deformed, you start to get scared, stagger to find the items it needs in the house. You gradually feel suffocated, threatened and imprisoned. It seems that the person with the ultimate power is the baby and ten thousand becomes smaller and weaker every night.

Graphics and sound

The manufacturer has chosen to use for this game the most minimalistic style 3D graphics. The main highlight is the baby with the jumpscare effects it causes. The house is beautifully designed, but it is submerged in dark patches and the yellow light is only enough to see objects. The Baby In Yellow has almost no background music, only sounds. Is it the sound of piano notes, the cry of a baby or the sound of one’s own footsteps, .. Everything blends together to make the story even darker.

MOD version of The Baby In Yellow APK

  • No advertising
  • Unlock skins

The Baby In Yellow MOD APK is one of the most concise and concise games available today. Do not hesitate any longer, quickly download the game and experience the feeling of anxiety.


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