Download Survival on Raft MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 316

Download Survival on Raft MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 316
Name Survival on Raft
Publisher Megaplay Studios
Latest Version 316
Genre Simulation
Size 207 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Money
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Survival on Raft MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a very good sea survival game that you should try. Players will be taken to a raft floating on the sea. You have to use the items you get to make your raft stronger. Survival will be extremely difficult because you have to find enough water and food. Find out more about this interesting game.

download Survival on Raft mod

Download Survival On Raft Mod – Sea Survival Game

Survival on Raft is a role-playing game and simulation of survival at sea. You have to save your life by collecting items and building a bigger raft. In addition, you also have to fight hunger and thirst at sea to be able to survive. Players can explore with many large areas, can fish and do many things in the game. This is really a game worth experiencing.


Survival on Raft opens with a familiar image, you will take a plane across the ocean. Suddenly the plane crashed and the screen went off. After waking up, you will receive an iron hook and surrounded by debris from the plane. After that miraculous escape from death, you will begin your life on the beach. Everyone on the plane died, only you survived.

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You find a large piece of wood, and so gather more materials to build a raft and start your adventure. In Survival on Raft, players face many dangers from sharks and hunger. You also face many storms with soaring waves. They all want to drown out your fragile hope of life. However, do not give up, craft many things from collected items and go to new islands.

Craft everything

In the game, you will learn crafting skills and be able to create a lot of different items. The iron hook in your hand is the necessary item for you to collect the materials that are floating on the sea. From the materials obtained, you will create items such as fishing rods, beds, and weapons. They will be important items to help you survive in extreme weather conditions. Manufacturing must be done continuously. You can create a toilet, a kitchen and a place to store fresh water. From there it is possible to shelter from storms and create weapons to destroy enemies.

Survivalon Raft mod

On the water surface, there will be many wooden slats, canvas and item containers. You can pick them up and craft rainwater catchers. From those dew drops, you will have fresh water to use. The problem of drinking water is always urgent and you only have a few days to survive. Some cans of canned food will help you cope with hunger pangs. However, for a long time, you have to find another food source such as sea fish. At night, you have to light a fire to warm your body and not get cold. After the initial days floating at sea and only knowing how to survive. You will then expand your raft, build more rooms and craft weapons to destroy sharks. Regarding sharks, this is your main enemy. They will always attack the raft. Your task is to stab them in the head with a harpoon. If it fails, your raft will break and you have to try again. During the game, you will have many parts to save. When you have free time, you can come back to play.

Many different game modes

In the game Survival on Raft, in addition to surviving alone, you can invite other players using Multiplayer mode. Friends coming in will make the journey more interesting and the survival rate higher. Gather resources with your friends, build new buildings, and explore mysterious islands.

About graphics

Survival on Raft is designed on a 3D platform with sharp and realistic images. Character creation and tools are all very real, making you feel like you are experiencing the feeling of survival at sea. The motion effects from waves, characters and rafts are very logical and attractive. You will love the graphics in the game.

Survivalon Raft hack

In addition, the sound is also inserted very reasonably. Every time a shark attacks, you will hear a creepy sound and must quickly attack them. In addition, the melodious background music will make your journey more interesting.

MOD version of Survival on Raft APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Menu cheats

In general, Survival on Raft MOD APK game has many unique features and attracts players. You will play a guy who survived an accident. From rudimentary items will create a large raft and travel across the sea.


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