Download Super Tank Rumble MOD (Unlimited Gold) + APK 4.8.13

Download Super Tank Rumble MOD (Unlimited Gold) + APK 4.8.13
Name Super Tank Rumble
Publisher Smilegate Megaport
Latest Version 4.8.13
Genre Casual
Size 86 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Gold
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Super Tank Rumble mod APK is probably a name that is no longer strange to gamers who love strategy and fighting genres. Shooting tanks is the legendary game of the 8x, 9x generations and now they are shown more modern in this game. So if you want to return to your fierce childhood, do not ignore the hacked version of Super Tank Rumble mod. Many attractive new features are waiting for you to discover in this game.

SuperTank Rumble mod

Download Super Tank Rumble Mod – control the tank into the battlefield

Super Tank Rumble is different from other tank shooting games on the market today. Using 2D graphics technology and fighting genre, the game brings extremely fierce battles. Not the first or the third person, you will experience a horizontal style like PS1. This makes many people feel really nostalgic for the time when computers started to develop. So the idea that the game is strange but extremely familiar. Moreover, the tank shooting game form appears more and more on the market. This game gives players an impression from the very first time. Drive the tank into the battlefield, where it’s just you and your opponent. Use your skills and manipulations to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to move the tank, align the gun barrel in the right place and deliver critical hits.


The Super Tank Rumble mod version keeps the same gameplay that brings success to the game. Choose a tank, drive it to the fierce battlefield. Use your own strategies to defeat your opponent as quickly as possible. Each side has a certain health column, you just need to load the bullet, aim the barrel at the opponent and deal the greatest damage possible. The difference of Super Tank Rumble is that when a certain amount of health is lost, the components on the vehicle will gradually be lost. From there the related features will also be lost.

download Super Tank Rumble hack

Therefore, this game emphasizes the multi-skill and careful calculation of each gamer. As soon as one side runs out of blood first, it means losing. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the movement and dodging of the opponent’s attacks. It all depends on your skill, manipulation and strategy. Moreover, the game also offers many game modes from PvP to PvE. Depending on your preferences, choose the mode that you feel most confident in. Challenge yourself with other players in this tank shooting game.

Create your own tank

When participating and winning matches, players will receive a lot of rewards. One of them is the rich and diverse tank components. Thanks to these seemingly small components, customize your tank in your own style. Players can get gun barrels, wheels, chains, … and many other tools. Accumulate rewards and create your own tank blueprints.

download Super Tank Rumble mod

So have you thought of a terrorist vehicle with many cannons, wheels and fancy components. Players can try a lot of different styles and styles as long as the tank can still work. Maybe you will create a god of war with more health and super attack ability. Paying attention to the stats will help you both have a nice and good tank when fighting.

Share, admire the tank

In addition to creating their own tank drawings, players in Super Tank Rumble can share them. Strong and bold creative ideas are loved by many people. You can also admire people’s drawings and buy them. Of course the amount of money earned selling drawings is a lot. So don’t hesitate to create the style you want.

Beautiful graphics

The last thing to mention in this game is the graphics. Although the developer only uses 2D graphics technology, that is what makes the game classic and legendary. Combined with the sounds when fighting to cause excitement for players. Simple, addictive gameplay with bright, eye-catching graphics will help you have hours of relaxation.

modSuper Tank Rumble

MOD version of Super Tank Rumble APK

  • Infinite Gold
  • Infinite Diamonds

Super Tank Rumble MOD APK is a game that is both classic and a bit modern. From the attractive and attractive gameplay to the image, the developer has been meticulously cared for by the developer. More specifically, fierce battles are waiting for you to conquer. Try your creativity with creating drawings and assembling tanks. There’s a lot more waiting for you to discover in this special Super Tank Rumble hack!


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