Download Super Stickman Dragon Warriors MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 0.5.2

Download Super Stickman Dragon Warriors MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 0.5.2
Name Super Stickman Dragon Warriors
Publisher LEMON Studio
Latest Version 0.5.2
Genre Action
Size 106 MB
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Super Stickman Dragon Warriors MOD APK (Unlimited Money) deserves a unique entertaining action game with many novelties. The challenge in the game is an opportunity for you to show off your skills as well as put your tactical thinking into practice. The battle is a challenge, a playground that brings a special experience. As the stickman hero, show all your strength in the fierce battle. The universe of war with a diverse hero system in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors hack is waiting for you to conquer.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors mod

Download Super Stickman Dragon Warriors Mod – Stickman hero war

Characteristic of the stickman style has been thoroughly used to combine many new points in Lemon Studio’s Super Stickman Dragon Warriors. Still a battle of heroes, but the nature that the game brings is extremely new. Through each stage, each battle, you will feel this wonderful thing. There are many factors involved, which determine the final outcome of a battle. So, let’s exploit the full power of the character. Along with that is deploying the right tactics to overcome all challenges.

Various game modes

This action game has many different game modes for you to experience. Regardless of the mode, the challenge is always there. You can play in story mode, competition mode or boss hunting. In story mode, you will complete the assigned tasks in each level. To defeat the opponent, you need to control the character flexibly, launch fast and dangerous attacks. Victory gives you rewards, experience to upgrade your character’s strength, ready for the next battle. In addition to the story mode, you can challenge with the gates of 6 other modes. All bring thrilling matches with many different rules. If you choose to fight PvP, you will be able to compete with stickman heroes from all over the world. Beat them to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Or play in tournament mode, fighting in teams.

In particular, in boss hunting mode, you will be confronted with powerful bosses. Use the strength, skill and spirit of a hero to conquer them. If you’ve tried them all and haven’t found “yes”, then enter the survival arena with thrilling battles. Your hero will have a certain amount of health. Fight bravely to destroy the target, collect as much gold and items as possible and stay alive for as long as possible.

Character system

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors has a huge cast of characters for you to experience. The notion that a stickman game has nothing special is very wrong. This is proven even more clearly when you encounter a very good stickman heroes in this game. All are stickman-style dragon warriors. Here, you will meet famous characters like Thor, Luffy or Naruto,… Believe it or not, there are more than 50 characters in this exciting stickman action game. More importantly, each character has a shape, a system of strengths and skills. In general, their skill set consists of 3 moves. Based on the parameters, you will evaluate which character has the most impressive stats. Important parameters such as energy, speed,,, all play an important role in the process of fighting. Therefore, you need to find out carefully before accompanying any character.

Super Stickman Dragon Warriors hack

In addition, the game also has a customization feature for you to change the style of your hero. Put on the warrior the most impressive and unique outfits. Do not forget to equip the character with suitable weapons to increase combat ability.

Unlock the hero

You have the right to choose the character to accompany you in the matches. Completing each level will unlock new warriors. With real-time combat, you need to make the most of each warrior’s strengths. In combat, the heroes will compete in the air. You will have to control the character, launching attack moves. Along with that is a combination of dodging attacks from opponents. Wait for the mana regeneration time to charge up, attack with dangerous moves towards the enemy. Only when you win can you help yourself become stronger. Through matches, you gain experience, increase strength, improve skills. At the end of the match as the winner, you will receive gold coins, diamonds. These are the things that help you unlock more new characters. Gradually, conquer all the challenges and own the most powerful warriors in the game.

MOD Version of Super Stickman Dragon Warriors APK

  • Unlimited money

Have a good game to share, this summer, let’s accompany the heroic warriors in Super Stickman Dragon Warriors. The battle against the dark forces, saving the world has never been HOT in the game world. With an interesting game with new colors like this product of Lemon Studio, there is no reason to refuse. Download Super Stickman Dragon Warriors MOD APK to discover the cool characters in the game right now!


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