Download Super Mecha Champions MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.13755

Download Super Mecha Champions MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.13755
Name Super Mecha Champions
Publisher NetEase Games
Latest Version 1.0.13755
Genre Action
Size 2 Gb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

It can be said that along with the outstanding development of science and technology is the constant search and promotion to meet the material and spiritual needs of people. These can include tools and different types of entertainment such as movies or games. When entertainment demand is higher and higher,   games are increasingly rich and diverse with many different genres, the position of survival games is still dominant in the hearts of the audience!If PUBG Mobile makes you feel like a hunting monster or Free Fire requires you to fight to the end, the “iron man” arena Super Mecha Champions MOD APK is the perfect place for gamers who are passionate about manga.

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Download Super Mecha Champions Mod – AI-class survival art

Super Mecha Champions is managed and published by NetEase company – one of the leading major game exhibitions in Mainland China after Tencent. Following the previous success of many popular games such as Rules Of Survival, Cyber ​​Hunter, etc. Now, they continue to launch Super Mecha Champions, promising this will be a super product in the near future for the gaming world.gamers in particular and the community of game lovers in general. Although they are the same survival games, the context built by NetEase at Super Mecha Champions is bold Asian style when taking the Japanese situation in the period of intense scientific and technical development. Where all the heavy weapons that once bombed were a thing of the past. They were completely replaced by giant robots – Mecha brought outstanding artificial intelligence, it can be seen that the wars in the human world at that time were much more carnage and destructive. In order for players to have more options in entertainment as well as for the game to have the opportunity to be widely accessible to the community. NetEase has released Super Mecha Champions international version, using English as the main language in the game. With the above positive development, it is not simple that Super Mecha Champions is so appreciated. All of this stems from meticulous investment in special features and highlights included in the game.

Fighting arena of machines

First, to open the “party” for you to join, Super Mecha Champions will take you to a fierce battle of machines, requiring you to be able to survive in this cruel world. However, the age of AI does not mean that humanity is completely gone!We simply lose control temporarily. So you and 99 other players will take on the task of taking control back to human hands. You will be taken to the mission location by a specialized helicopter.

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After reaching the place of need, the meager time will bring the circle down to just enough to surround one person. Your task at that time is to use all the skills that a role-playing gamer has learned to fight the painless reinforced enemies. In the end, anyone, including you, has the ability to become a champion – champions if they can survive. Even though we humans are said to have innate intelligence. But pain is our greatest weakness. I cannot use my body alone to fight enemies made of metal. Because of this, Super Mecha Champions allows you to choose for yourself a certain Mecha when you have fully charged all the necessary energy – a robot with different special features that match your strengths andplayer’s weakness. Be careful in choosing your Mecha, this will be a decision that has the potential to affect the final outcome. Ideally, you should set up a certain strategy for yourself before choosing Mecha. In addition, after landing safely, each player is automatically provided with an SMG. Not stopping there, you have to control your Mecha’s Mecha as well as yourself to find and equip heavy weapons such as RPG, MGL, etc. With greater destructive power, faster attack speed. More precisely, they will become effective “assistants” to help you easily achieve glorious victories.

Make a team and fight in groups

Similar to other survival and fighting games, you can also find fierce battle royale battles at Super Mecha Champions. This feature is especially perfect, because victory comes from solidarity, if you can find teammates who are like you and understand each other like your best friends, then the win rate will be doubled. The number of players has also been handled more diversely by the system.

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If you only have one friend, don’t worry!We can completely fight 1vs1 via Duo mode, play four people through Squad mode, or even test ourselves by fighting alone through solo mode. The special thing at Super Mecha Champions is to give you a certain spirit of solidarity, the fight and sacrifice for teammates and for the team is higher than fighting for individual achievements. Because when playing Duo or Squad, even if only one member survives, the whole team is Champions!It sounds like it’s not so easy to achieve victory, but, if you know the touch-sensitive virtual key operations and use them fluently, you can completely become a professional player. Regarding this, all players will receive detailed instructions from the system when starting out. You’ll have the chance to experience multiple Champions during the indicated time, which will lift your spirits and encourage you to practice more at the keys. Virtual sports on. However, if you’ve tried a few similar games, it won’t be too difficult to skip the system’s manual!

Beautiful graphics

NetEase is a company that owns great games that are always meticulously invested in graphics to meet player tastes in the best way. Super Mecha Champions is no exception, the game’s graphics are meticulously invested with a view from 3D (3D) space but are emphasized in an extremely impressive and unique manga style. Even if a connection problem causes you to turn the game’s graphics to the lowest level, you will still have an extremely realistic experience. From the smallest details such as buildings or urban areas, they bring out the typical flavor of Japan and the Manga world through the most advanced graphics processing system.

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Worthy of today’s big games like PUBG mobile, of course, Super Mecha Champions will always satisfy players in all aspects in a multi-dimensional way. Appearing as a new monument of the battle royale survival game series, Super Mecha Champions allows the application to be compatible and run on both Android and iOS operating systems.

MOD version of Super Mecha Champions APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Diamonds

In general, Super Mecha Champions is not too different in performance and features compared to other games of the same type. However, by approaching customers’ visual preferences through the way of building character images and graphics, the game has been widely popularized. What is more wonderful when you can both admire the comic characters, and can role-play and fight with that character. So, if you are looking for a new survival game, firmly believe that Super Mecha Champions MOD is the best choice for you.


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