Download Strange World MOD (Unlimited Gold) + APK 1.0.20

Download Strange World MOD (Unlimited Gold) + APK 1.0.20
Name Strange World
Publisher Seasun Game Corporation limited
Latest Version 1.0.20
Genre Adventure
Size 167 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited Gold
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Strange World MOD APK (Unlimited Gold) is a realistic strategy game combined with role-playing and team play. Coming to this game, you will be playing the role of a member of a group of people who have a lucky chance to survive a cosmic storm, then your team needs to try to fight to be able to survive on a strange land..

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Download Strange World Mod – World-Shaking Role-Playing Product

If you think survival games can only be played on powerful PC platforms, this game will change your mind!Strange World is one of the titles that deserves to be a super role-playing mobile game, players will no longer experience the case where the character moves in a state of lag or too slow, absurd errors in the graphics will also be eliminated.delete. Strange World was born from the manufacturer Seasun Corporation limited, when the game was released, the game maker also stated that this mobile game will bridge the gap between mobile and PC games. Therefore, Strange World appeared with strict censorship to be able to satisfy any fastidious gamer.

Enchanting plot – Mysterious opening

Strange World is equipped with a brief but captivating story from the very first seconds. You will transform into the main character in the game – a guy of the 21st century. In one unintentionally you got lost in an earthquake outside the universe and got caught up in the mysterious space gap.

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It seems that unexpected incident has affected your body a lot, you have passed out in a space hole and when you wake up you find yourself on a strange, desolate land, with no sign of existence. In the present of mankind, everything around seems to be threatening you!On the way to explore this strange place you discover other teammates, together form a team, fight monsters to survive and at the same time find out the secrets of the civilization of the here.

Strange World is a different kind of survival game

Strange World is a role-playing game involving gaps in time and space, so when you join, you will be completely affected by surrounding factors such as: the character’s perspective, screen space. Those things easily make you immerse yourself in the Strange World game world and enjoy the experience, you will never be able to know what is waiting for you ahead or what will happen right behind you. However, the game maker has also equipped the character with a third-person perspective to help first-time players join the role-playing game form more comfortably, but the limitation of vision will still make you breathless.especially in times when you have to fight alien monsters. The fighting spirit and teammates will also be clearly shown during the game experience. The deeper you go, the more you will find teammates with the same situation as you, side by side and survive that is what the Strange World game brings to players.

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A group of 4 people will be the perfect choice in this battle, each person possessing different strengths and weaknesses, compensating and supporting each other in difficult battles. Victory will be in your hands, if your choice is correct, there will be a total of 16 characters for you to choose as your companion. Consider carefully when making a decision, it will affect the life of your whole team!The Strange World game is completely developed according to the pre-installed storyline, which is more evident in the character’s own words, like “An ugly monster reappears, let’s fight,I’ll be fine.”Sometimes, players will feel these sentences are meaningless, but if you are a player of the “veteran” survival game genre, you will know that after each sentence, there are speculations and suggestions for the next that you have to go. To increase the ability in each fight, you can customize the change of equipment for any companion you desire, giving your teammates higher damage combat items will increasehigh win rate and shorten the time to find the truth of this land.

Strange World is the bridge between mobile games and PC games?

During the time that this game was created, a lot of ideas were put forth, and what makes Strange World closer to PC games is the real-time strategic combat element. Players will easily control everything like when playing a computer game from the function keys to the division of roles for each character in the team.

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Not only that, the game also has a lot of extra survival features to increase the feeling of real experience such as: picking up wood, building a house, building a fire,… With so many activities, each character is equipped.equipped with 9 different skills and skill control is also quite easy when players just need to select the right corner of the screen. The character’s activities are very smooth and clear, participating in Strange World you will show your ability to reason strategically, such as which teammate you will choose in each battle situation and to help our team survive the stages?

Stranger World APK MOD Version

  • Infinite Gold
  • Infinite Diamonds

One of the highlights of the Strange World game is that the graphics, surroundings and characters are all 3D, which is the perfect combination of motion and light to create an extremely realistic scene. Join Strange World mod now to experience the real RPG right on your phone.


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