Download Squad Alpha MOD (Immortal) + APK 1.4.15

Download Squad Alpha MOD (Immortal) + APK 1.4.15
Name Squad Alpha
Publisher SayGames Ltd
Latest Version 1.4.15
Genre Action
Size 112 Mb
Requires Android 8.0 trở lên
MOD Immortal
Get it On Google Play

As an online game believer, surely you can’t help but know Squad Alpha MOD APK (Immortal), a game from the publisher Say Games. This is an exciting shooter with many new improvements, guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding gamers. Details about this impressive game, let’s find out with us through the article below.

downloadSquad Alpha mod

Download Squad Alpha Mod – Become a spy with skilled shooting skills

Squad Alpha belongs to the action role-playing game genre with quite simple control mechanism, addictive gameplay guaranteed to attract you from the first experience. As soon as entering the game, the player’s brain seems to be maximally activated to create the perfect battle strategy. Top secret and dangerous missions require you to have fighting skills and top-notch thinking ability. Joining Squad Alpha, players will have to overcome many interesting but equally dangerous challenges. Your mission is to take up arms to fight the enemies lurking in the secret vault, they are one of the most powerful mercenaries of the private organization.

Engaging gameplay, defeating terrorist gangs

Your combat team will consist of powerful and highly skilled agents. You can choose anyone you feel is suitable to fight side by side. You need to control the characters in the most flexible way to avoid attacks from the enemy. The movement of the character requires extreme agility and care. Each character is equipped with a unique weapon, capable of effective combat. Take advantage of vehicles and coordinate with teammates to wipe out all hateful enemies. Gather your army of special forces and help them complete challenges brilliantly, speeding through levels to take down the evil gang.

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Carefully strategize to destroy the terrorist’s plans in the best way. Initially, you will have difficulty moving when shooting down enemies with a gun. However, through each level, you will get used to this fierce fighting nature.

Unique missions in the game

In Squad Alpha, you want to control the secret gang of an active business, required to complete the mission within the allotted time. Complete the levels step by step and you can search for cash, hidden weapons and other treasured gear to retrofit your new character, upgrade weapons for maximum winning potential. Besides, don’t forget about using unique skills, each hero has his own special ability. In the end, you have to fight bosses at critical moments. Defeating the mighty boss will bring huge rewards.

Rarely huge arsenal

Squad Alpha possesses a huge arsenal of more than thirty different guns for agents to use. You should familiarize yourself with all the weapons flexibly to understand how to use them through the levels. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to pay attention to observe and choose accordingly. All are in your inventory, from pistols, rifles, machine guns to laser guns or flamethrowers. These weapons effectively support players in the process of fighting, maximizing their ability to defeat opponents. In addition, earning a lot of money from missions can unlock high-class weapons, increasing the range of damage in battle.

Squad Alpha mod

Various levels of play

Squad Alpha has a variety of levels of play. For the first time you encounter more than 200 extremely unique levels of play. Each time you increase to a higher level, it also means an increase in difficulty. You have to face a lot of stronger hostile forces. Dodging, running, and hiding and waiting for an opportunity to attack are activities you need to do while killing multiple targets. Completing each level, you will get great rewards like money, gems,… Use rewards to upgrade your character and weapons, defeat enemies to prove your abilitiesin the game Squad Alpha.

Character’s appearance changes constantly

If you are bored with the character’s appearance in the game. Don’t worry, it’s all easy in Squad Alpha.This game has a variety of costume options from soldiers, cowboys to special forces… However, you need to pass the levels to unlock the use of costumes. Accumulate many points to be able to own many new outfits to make the battle more attractive.

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Impressive and attractive interface, can’t take your eyes off

Although Squad Alpha only uses 2D design, the quality of the look is extremely impressive. The characters are well drawn, soulful and look very real. The sound system is lively, combined with the movements to fit, adding drama to the game. Not following the path of classic shooting games, Squad Alpha is creative when using an angle from above. This helps players have a broader view of the whole scene. Friendly vertical screen game interface, easy to manipulate and also very unique.

Squad Alpha APK MOD Version

  • Immortal
  • High Damage

If you love shooting action game genre, then Squad Alpha is a game that you cannot ignore. With simple, attractive gameplay, smooth graphics, it has successfully attracted a large number of gamers to participate. Coming to Squad Alpha mod, you can not only participate in intense gun battles but also experience many unique and special weapons!


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