Download Sky Roller MOD (Unlocked Skin) + APK 1.18.8

Download Sky Roller MOD (Unlocked Skin) + APK 1.18.8
Name Sky Roller
Publisher HOMA GAMES
Latest Version 1.18.8
Genre Casual
Size 65 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlock skins
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Sky Roller MOD APK (Sky Roller) is a game about roller skating. Players will become a sports athlete and participate in special challenges. At the same time, still have to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles on the way. Game for roller skating lovers, if you also have this hobby, download Sky Roller mod to your device and conquer the challenge right now!downloadSky Roller hack

Download Sky Roller Mod – Become a sports athlete

Sky Roller has brought a lot of success to the publisher Homa Games. It is also a clear demonstration of simple games that attract a lot of gamers. One month after its launch, Sky Roller has automatically earned more than 1 million downloads. The game is always in the top 10 best games today. Sky Roller takes the theme of roller skating. Players do not need to have many skills to participate. By participating in the game, you just need to know how to balance first, then learn more advanced techniques.


Coming to Sky Roller, all players do not need to practice but you have become a proficient roller skater. The player even plays the role of a good roller skater, able to conquer the most difficult challenges of the game. The gameplay of Sky Roller is also not complicated. Players only need to masterfully use the skill of dragging from left to right to control the athlete’s foot. The game does not require any gamers to use difficult movements, nor does it need to rotate 360 ​​degrees. You just need to keep your balance until you reach the final finish line. The first few rounds went quite smoothly and easily because the first few levels did not appear many obstacles. This is considered a practice period and helps you get used to the controls in the Sky Roller modTo increase the new experience for players, the game Sky Roller not only brings many but many obstacles to hinder your journey. Note that on steep roads, you need to go slowly and stay safe because the speed of the game will be significantly increased. Stay alert for all obstacles. Just the player loses focus and stumbles, forcing you to re-enter the game from the beginning.

Levels of the game

Sky Roller offers hundreds of different game modes. The levels will correspond to the challenge you face. These are also the challenges that help players become a top athlete. At each level, there will be obstacles that will bring you surprises. However, if you stumble while moving on the track, don’t worry too much. Let’s start moving from the beginning because Sky Roller does not limit the number of times you join the challenge. Gamers can try and play until they pass the challenge. Also, during the move, don’t forget how important it is to collect diamonds. They can be used to buy skates or unlock characters. However, despite giving you a lot of meaning and value, diamonds are also the cause of your loss. So, don’t be too absorbed in picking up diamonds, it will cause players to bump into obstacles right after.

Unlock more characters

The common goal that most gamers set when participating in Sky Roller is to unlock the characters they love. There will be many different characters for you to unlock because rollerblading is a sport made for everyone. For example, the player can unlock a middle-aged man or a young, beautiful girl. You choose a character you love to play.Sky Roller mod

Game Mode

As a unique game, but when playing Sky Roller, players will encounter advertising troubles. However, these ads give you many valuable items such as double gifts and diamonds. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to unlock more talented characters. Players can also participate in offline mode. This mode will not interrupt disturbing. However, you will not get the benefits that the online mode brings. Therefore, consider and choose the mode before joining the game.


All characters and surroundings are meticulously designed. At each different level, the landscape will also change continuously to avoid boredom caused by the game screen. Players will experience from high-rise buildings, green forests or a place full of snowy mountains, .. But, all landscapes are used and designed monotonously from a single color.

MOD Version of Sky Roller APK

  • Unlock skin

Sky Roller is highly rated by content experts. The game does not distinguish old or new players, anyone can join this game. At the same time, players will quickly be conquered by the natural gameplay and do not take much time to get used to. Download Sky Roller MOD APK if you are a busy person!


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