Download Skullgirls MOD (Unlimited Money, Cooldown) + APK v5.0.0

Download Skullgirls MOD (Unlimited Money, Cooldown) + APK v5.0.0
Name Skullgirls
Publisher Autumn GamesLLC
Latest Version 5.0.0
Genre Action
Size 102 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Skullgirls MOD APK is not a new game, nor is it a famous action game on the market. However, this game is in the top of the interesting Gacha games, you should at least try it once. Released in 2017, up to now, this game still proves its attraction with “talking numbers”. Whether it’s the downloads or the review scores, all show that this is a good Gacha game, well worth the experience. With the Skullgirls mod hack with full money, you will get interesting levels and a series of attractive items.

Download Skullgirls mod – Interesting Gacha game that should not be missed

Skullgirls by Autumn Game built a unique storyline, making an impression on players right from the moment they learned about the game. The game revolves around the kingdom of Canopy, where strange things circulate. People in this place spread among themselves about an artifact called Skull Heart. The time of 7 years has come again, according to legend, the woman who finds this artifact will get a wish. If the person who found the Skull Heart has a pure heart, then the wish will come true. On the contrary, if the mind is dark, the evil nature will be cursed by the artifact, turning into the monster Skullgirls.

Skullgirls MOD APK

Unexpectedly, Marie found the artifact. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a pure heart. The curse has come true. The Kingdom of Canopy is now in a state of mourning. To fight this Skullgirls, you need to gather warriors, build an army to destroy this monster.

Impressive gameplay

Skullgirls is about the battle between justice and villains. The player’s task is to build an army, defeat the enemy in a limited time. The control mechanism of the game is flexible. Players only need to perform a simple touch on either side of the screen. On the right to launch punching and kicking moves, combine both sides at the same time to launch a fatal blow. A special feature is that the game content progresses, developing according to the tree model. Gamers will choose a node on the tree to participate in the challenge. In some locations you will meet a big boss. Compared to the “shrimp and shrimp” troops, meeting the boss is a huge challenge. However, facing difficulties is something you cannot avoid in Skullgirls.

Special Character

Skullgirls has a typical Gacha style, so during the game you will perform the action of dialing or opening cards. This random nature brings a pleasant surprise during the experience. Characters have special abilities, accompanied by specific stats. Not only that, they are also ranked according to each person’s ability. If you want a special character, spend money to buy a card. The character system is divided into many different classes. Based on this, you will have the basis to choose the right character for your strategy.

Skullgirls MOD

To win, learn the unique characteristics of each group of characters. Create a squad of powerful warriors, unleashing their prowess when fighting in the right tree content. Besides, the character in Skullgirls can also enhance the stats. Leveling up will help them have more powerful new skills.

Skullgirls Reward

In addition to winning, players also receive daily rewards. Regular daily login helps you get many valuable items. Can be coins, diamonds or keys to open chests. Not only that, Skullgirls also has many interesting events. Gamers who log in for 7 days in a row will receive a new character. For the winner, in addition to experience is also given more diamonds and coins. The higher the achievement, the greater the number you get. In addition, performing daily quests is also a way for you to earn more resources in Skullgirls.

Rift Battle Mode

Rift Battle is not the only game mode in this game. However, this is the game mode most people choose. You can compete with many other players to show your talent and get the highest score. The system will match automatically, helping you find an opponent to solo. Before the battle takes place, arrange a strong squad to be able to defeat the opponent. To do this, do not forget to learn about the skills of each character. In the process of playing, compete with concentration, control flexibly to be able to destroy opponents.

Skullgirls hack

Skullgirls MOD APK Version

  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Cooldown

Overall, Skullgirls MOD APK is an interesting Gacha game, not wasting your time when experiencing. It is both entertaining and helps you train your tactical thinking. Let’s create a strong army, capable of defeating all opponents, overcoming all challenges. Download Skullgirls mod full hack to your device to try it out now!


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