Download Shadows Of Kurgansk MOD (Unlimited Crystals, Immortal) + APK

Download Shadows Of Kurgansk MOD (Unlimited Crystals, Immortal) + APK
Name Shadows Of Kurgansk
Publisher Gaijin Distribution KFT
Latest Version
Genre Action
Size 246 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Infinite Crystals, Immortal
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Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK (Infinite Crystals, Immortal) is an interesting game with a combination of 2 elements of horror and action. Join the game, your main task is to find a way to survive and find a way to escape from the abandoned area, where your “nightmare” will begin!

download Shadows Of Kurgansk mod

Download Shadows Of Kurgansk Mod – Exciting Action, Horror Game

The story in Shadows of Kurgansk will revolve around an ill-fated boy, he fell from a plane and wandered to a strange land, full of scary creatures. The passengers and pilots who accompanied him on the plane probably did not survive the terrible impact. The area around him was falling into a state of apocalypse, the landscape becoming desolate, decrepit with no sign of life. Everywhere are bloodthirsty monsters, possessing strange shapes. Now, how can he survive and find a way to escape from this “awkward” place?

Shadows of Kurgansk dramatic to the second

Participating in the Shadows of Kurgansk game, there will be 2 main scenes for players to experience with levels from easy to difficult. The first is “The Way Home” your task is to find the way back to the hiding place as quickly and safely as possible, and try to survive until you are rescued. Shadows of Kurgansk is a powerful survival game, in addition to you always having to face deadly dangers and bloodthirsty zombies, you also have to face a scarce food source. Your character is a guy with a completely human body, so your health will gradually lose when active continuously, performing the act of eating and sleeping will help the character. You can recharge your energy like before.

ShadowsOf Kurgansk hack

In Shadows of Kurgansk food will never be available to you, in order to help players have the most realistic view of this game, you will have to embark on a search to collect from the smallest weapon item for you. Go to the base to hide. Each part of the game will be divided into many days with different contexts and events to avoid causing boredom for players. The task to perform during the day will also be different, you need to do it as soon as possible before the end of the day or your health becomes exhausted. Wait until a certain period of time, your teammates will find you, but that is also the time when the difficulty in the game is increasing, requiring players to have the necessary survival skills and sharp intuition,enough to sense approaching danger.

Collect and craft

Coming to the game, Shadows of Kurgansk will not provide any crafting items. You will have to search and collect rocks, sticks, nails and other objects such as coal, wood on the map.

modShadows Of Kurgansk

The above materials will help you create weapons, equipment and buildings that will create shelter and support your survival in the near future. However!Remember your item bag is always limited, the capacity can only be 20kg. If you carry too many things, your movement will become difficult due to the weight of the bag, which will pose a danger to you. So think carefully about how many items you really need!

Sharp graphics – Realistic sound

Shadows of Kurgansk  game version applies extremely impressive 3D graphics to give players an extremely realistic storyline. Although possessing modern graphics, you can rest assured that there will be no lag on your device, because the game has been optimized by a professional team. Players will witness natural phenomena with countless beautiful effects, creating a scene that is both magical and attractive.

ShadowsOf Kurgansk mod

The sound of Shadows of Kurgansk is extremely vivid, simulating specific details such as fighting sounds, picking up items, crafting weapons or the creepy sounds coming from bloodthirsty zombies, these things have createdThe most realistic feeling for players.

Great Features

Feature:- Infinite skill points continuously increase as you use.- Infinite money continuously increases as you use it. In the game Shadows of Kurgansk points and money are used for a variety of purposes, including buying support items and even respawn tickets when you are attacked by monsters.

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Sometimes there are some levels in the game that will be quite long, requiring players to put in effort and a long time to complete all the tasks. To be able to save time you can use the version that we provide pear.

MOD Version of Shadows of Kurgansk APK

  • Infinite Crystals
  • Infinite Gold
  • Immortal

If you are too bored with the shooting survival game, then I am sure that Shadows of Kurgansk will bring a new wind in you. The journey will become more arduous and difficult than ever, download now Shadows of Kurgansk MOD APK to test your survival ability.


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