Download Score Hero 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.30

Download Score Hero 2 MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.30
Name Score Hero 2
Publisher First Touch Games Ltd
Latest Version 2.30
Genre Sports
Size 207M
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Football – the world’s leading sport is always the top concern of the majority of people. That is why more and more games are developed based on this sport platform. One of the most typical and mentioned games is Score Hero 2 MOD APK of game developer First Touch Games Ltd. This game follows the success of previous versions, quickly creating a fever with the mobile gaming community.

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Download Score Hero 2 Mod – Show your ability to kick the ball, conquer all fields

Score Hero 2 realistically simulates dramatic football matches, thereby giving players a feeling of excitement and enjoyment. The game focuses on all the famous star players around the world that if it was in real life, it would be difficult to meet even if you wished. You have to start from a new player until you become a true football legend. You are free to build your own squad according to your own playstyle and tactics. The pitch is your home, don’t hesitate to show off your soccer skills

Interesting gameplay

You will be extremely excited and amazed at the enthusiastic cheers of the audience in the stands. Please control the direction of the ball players on the field carefully. The technique of passing the ball must be very accurate to achieve the maximum number of stars. Just one wrong shot and the opponent will have the opportunity to counterattack immediately. When the game starts, a whistle will sound. From start to finish, you need to carefully observe which team your team is dealing with, then you will pass the ball to which player is not being restrained. Work hard to deploy the most appropriate tactics and gameplay for each situation.

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Compared to many games of the same genre, the operation in Score Hero 2 game is much simpler. You just need to use your hand to draw lines on the screen, you can easily control the player to move in the direction you want, to perform the highest ball phase. Score Hero 2 is built in the form of an open game. That is, players can participate in competition with each other freely. This is the interesting point of this version. Because when there is more competition, the game becomes more attractive and dramatic.

Build your own strategy

One of the important skills in the game is the direction of the ball, helping you easily control the game. Don’t worry if you miss a shot, because you still have many other opportunities. Regularly practice hard so as not to miss any opportunities, and above all not to disappoint the fans. In football, the most important thing is still the coordination between the players. Use the skills displayed on the screen interface to easily score into the opponent’s net. Each round only lasts 3 minutes, very fast, so try to score as many goals as possible.

ScoreHero 2 mod

The same skill and playstyle should not be applied continuously. After each level, the goalkeeper of your team will be upgraded more and more skillfully. Therefore, applying the familiar playstyle as well as the old ball will make it easier for them to see through you. Your opponents are all world-class players, so trying to overcome them is not easy. Try to put in a lot of effort and hone your skills so that you can overcome your opponents and reach the top of victory.

Customize your character as you like

A special feature in the game is that you can customize the appearance of each player on the team. There are many choices of appearance types, from hair, skin color, height,… All will make up the squad with your own “personality”. An extremely important thing that you need to care about is that the player’s stats show running speed, fitness, technique, etc. Need to upgrade these stats of the player to increase his strength and gain. Best performance in every game.

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Rewards obtained in Score Hero 2

In every contest or match, there can be no shortage of rewards, right?Coming to Score Hero 2, you will receive valuable rewards if you win the football matches. In addition to trophies and bonuses, players also have the opportunity to receive many separate awards for the best player in the match.

Vivid graphics and sound

Unlike previous versions, Score Hero 2 brings many improvements in graphics and sound. The game brings extremely satisfying slow-motion animations. Score Hero 2 focuses on the element of surprise, specifically top-notch shots, rather than just focusing on gameplay. With a 3D graphics platform that brings sharp images, reproduces every movement clearly, capturing every moment without losing display quality.

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The atmosphere in each match is also realistically simulated. The enthusiastic cheers in the stands made the players more excited and increased the fighting spirit. Be like the sounds emitted from the activities on the pitch are also clearly shown, increasing the realism of the game.

MOD Version of Score Hero 2 APK

  • Unlimited money

You are a football enthusiast, you want to show your talent in large-scale matches, build legendary teams that sweep every field. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading this super attractive Score Hero 2 MOD APK football game right away to enjoy the feeling of becoming a professional player.


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