Download Scary Mansion MOD (Immortal) + APK 1,076

Download Scary Mansion MOD (Immortal) + APK 1,076
Name Scary Mansion
Publisher Skytec Games
Latest Version 1.076
Genre Adventure
Size 115 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Immortal
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Scary Mansion MOD APK (Immortal) will definitely be a game that makes every gamer get goosebumps when thinking about it. This is a game of the horror genre, survival “presses the heart” of the player. Our following article would like to give you more detailed information about the game Scary Mansion.

downloadScary Mansion mod

Download Scary Mansion Mod – Survival game to escape the scary house

Scary Mansion by Skytec Games, Inc.released in the genre of attractive horror games with many complex puzzles. Players will have to play the role of an unfortunate guy racing with death to find a way out.

Scary Mansion’s outstanding features


The story is about Jason Crow, a genius but extremely evil doctor who is looking for a new victim to experiment with. That unfortunate victim is your character – the postman Freddy. Players will have to play the role of an ill-fated guy and go through moments of extreme stress. Freddy needs to overcome these horrifying haunts and run away alone, wriggle through the nooks and crannies of the house. Don’t forget that you need to solve puzzles, break traps and escape from this violent house step by step. Right from the opening scene of the game Scary Mansion made players feel monstrous. Although there are no lengthy descriptive cutscenes, this game does not need a complicated plot. The game will put you in an atmosphere of chasing in fear and despair.

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The setting of the game is easy to remind people of serial killer movies. Perverts often have mythical interests such as confinement, torturing victims from day to day. This is the feeling that fills your mind when playing Scary Mansion.


It is not wrong that Scary Mansion is chosen by many players as a crazy horror game. From the very first moment, players will immediately be sucked into a gloomy house called mansion. When you wake up you find yourself lying in a locked room with no escape. You were struggling not knowing what to do when suddenly a voice rang out. This is a separate guide for players. It says, you should open the door and search everywhere in the building for a door key in the hope of getting out of this place. You only have one chance this time so be careful not to let the guards see you if you don’t want to die a horrible death. In Scary Mansion there are many levels. Each level has a similar opening: he delivers the letter to the house and rings the bell, suddenly being yanked inside after a sudden blow. The end of the game is always a happy ending where the player can find the key and escape from this terrible house.

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However, the evolution in each level of the game is completely different. The interior of the house, the puzzles, even the placement of the food is different. Each level will open a new floor for the mansion. That is, the later, everything will be the house will be expanded, the chase will be more and more horror.

Feeling of horror

The silence is eerie in the house and you always know that a dangerous killer is chasing you. Danger lurking every moment will make you tremble with fear. In each level, you can choose for yourself an item to bring with you. You can choose a flashlight, a compass, or a knife, etc. Players will only be able to choose one item. Depending on the difficulty level, Dr. Crow will have different abilities to search and threaten your life. The system instructions will also become less and less depending on the difficulty of the level. Do not be too hasty, but play slowly to avoid being obsessed.

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The difficulty of the player is always to keep a clear mind despite being very scared. The instructions that you follow or the clues that lead to the ultimate goal of the game are the key. Fear can complicate ordinary problems. No matter how panicked you are, you should remember two principles: see the pervert Dr. Crow anywhere, you must avoid him immediately, whatever you do, you should make as little noise as possible and keep yourself real.keep calm in all cases.


The Scary Mansion game has been extremely successful when it comes to building a gloomy atmosphere suitable for chases, threatening life at any time. The pounding footsteps, gasping sounds, the screams of the pervert, etc. can sometimes make players jump.

MOD version of Scary Mansion APK

  • Immortal
  • Disable Bot
  • Unlimited money

The sound has a very “heart-pounding” background music. Just hearing is enough for players to imagine terrible scenarios. It can be said that the sound is the soul of Scary Mansion, the scene in Scary Mansion MOD APK is quite simple but tinged with gloom and darkness. Are you ready to experience this gloomy horror game?


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