Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.039.07

Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.039.07
Name SAKURA School Simulator
Publisher Garusoft Development Inc.
Latest Version 1.039.07
Genre Simulation
Size 159 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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SAKURA School Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) lets you go back in time, back to the time when you were still wearing a school uniform and sitting on a school chair. In this game, you will see the educational theme exploited in a new light. Not only unique but also comprehensive, creating a new feeling for players. Wearing a Japanese school girl uniform, you will become a student of Sakura school. Experience school life in SAKURA School Simulator mod the way you want.

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Download SAKURA School Simulator Mod – Schoolgirl “Cherry Blossom”

Educational games always exploit two main aspects. The first is the negative sides, hidden corners. The second is to create a positive environment, to build a healthy school environment. For the game SAKURA School Simulator, you will experience new missions, combining these two aspects. In the game you can be a model student. Or play the role of a special female student who likes to explore and interact with the school environment in her own way.

Interesting gameplay

Joining SAKURA School Simulator, you will have the opportunity to experience many interesting activities as a student in the school. Just like many other students, every day, you go to school with books. Go to class to listen to teachers’ lectures, chat with friends, participate in events and activities organized by the school. In addition to these basic activities, you also participate in some fights and aggression with other objects. Sakura in SAKURA School Simulator is no longer pink. Everything becomes much more vivid, colorful and interesting. This simulation game has a large, comfortable space for players to experience. The character’s range of activities is not only in the school but also around the residence and many other familiar locations. In addition, SAKURA School Simulator has a series of challenges for you to conquer. The girl’s daily activities are only a small part. Behind that is everyday life with many unique “missions”.

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In SAKURA School Simulator, you are both a schoolgirl and a “big sister”. Role-playing the character, explore and explore the entire world in the game. You can be a good student in class, a lovely girl in the eyes of male students. However, when facing the gangsters, you will immediately transform into a “female hit”.

Special Weapon

With a school simulation game like SAKURA School Simulator, what weapon does the character use?Of course, as a student, when going to school, you can’t bring a weapon. But this female student at Sakura High School is different. In addition to class hours, you often encounter evil elements. At this time, you need to fight, face it bravely. Let’s “flash” with powerful feet. Or use some of the weapons that the game provides. It could be a ballet dancer’s suit or a jetpack. During the SAKURA School Simulator experience, you will discover many other special weapons. It’s a bit odd, but it’s interesting, suitable for a high school girl. You can collect more items or spend money to buy yourself some necessary equipment. Always carry these secret “items” with you so you can be ready to fight at any time.

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Intuitive control system

The control system is also a huge advantage of the game. You can move, help the character perform actions with just simple operations. On the screen is a virtual Joystick button with specific function keys. Combine navigation with action selection for the most fluid and flexible actions. In addition to navigation and function buttons, the top of the screen also displays the character status. Along with that is a convenient shortcut button so you can go to see what bags and stores have. The best part is the screen capture feature. With memorable moments, take a photo as a souvenir and share it with your close friends.

The proper school battle

Classroom activities are only exploited through, while the fight scenes between female students and other objects are the main content of SAKURA School Simulator. However, the element of violence has been greatly reduced. There are still enough fights, but the bloody nature and the spirit of promoting violence have been eliminated. You can clearly see this through the fierce fights and injured characters. Instead of shedding blood and being stabbed, schoolgirl Sakura just fainted. However, the game is still not intended for minors because it is labeled 18+.

Impressive graphics

In addition to the gameplay, the graphics are also a unique point of SAKURA School Simulator. From the background to the characters, all are beautifully designed with clear, sharp details. During the game play, you will feel everything like an attractive anime movie. The main character with elaborate, meticulous drawings, possesses a personality that is both personal and beautiful.

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Another plus point is the realistic sound of SAKURA School Simulator. This element makes the game more lively and attractive. Because of such top-notch graphics, the game requires the device to have 3GB of RAM free to download. Therefore, for gamers who are using weak computers, it is difficult to experience the game.

MOD Version of SAKURA School Simulator APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock
  • Mega Menu

If you want to go back to your school days, try SAKURA School Simulator. The game lets you explore and experience more than a normal student. Join interesting activities at school, become “big sister” ready to fight with thugs. Download SAKURA School Simulator mod to experience the game right away!


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