Download Rovercraft MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.40

Download Rovercraft MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.40
Name Rovercraft
Publisher Mobirate
Latest Version 1.40
Genre Racing
Size 97 MB
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Rovercraft APK Mod Unlimited Money is an exciting off-road racing game. The game is set on different hills on a distant planet. Here, players will design their own cars. You are allowed to freely create your own style car. Have you ever imagined yourself driving a weird car going everywhere?You will be able to master your race through homemade vehicles when you download Rovercraft MOD APK to your phone and log in.

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Download Rovercraft Mod – Design and build “weird” cars

Hand-made cars are no longer a dream. Here, you can create your own unique car.


Rovercraft is essentially a car design game that combines racing to overcome all difficult terrain. The creative “crazy” will determine what obstacles your car can overcome?Will the player fall into dead ends or fall right on the road?Not only the driving task, but gamers need to build homemade cars until you feel satisfied. Changing and arranging the parts for the car will make the player not bored. On the contrary, you can also experience driving to see if it has the ability to bring you a mountain of gold coins. Let’s start a rich and exciting start right in Rovercraft. The rhythm and speed in the game is not too fast, it is true to the change of terrain. Therefore the simulation in the game Rovercraft is very realistic. Even the jumps, climbs or shakes every moment are skillfully expressed and lifelike. The detail of the car being tilted and falling into the water or raising the wheel to the sky is also designed in a thoughtful and reasonable way. Exploring through the galaxy is the experience when players drive across the terrain.

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Rovercraft brings players to get acquainted with 14 different planets. These are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Pandora,Polaris, Steamcraft, Enceladus, Comet, Charon and PSO318,.. Each place will leave you with fun and surprises.. Obstacles will constantly appear on the road, so if you are careless, you will easily bump into them. The obstacles can be a big tree that you need to knock down or a very deep hole if you are not clever you will get caught up. Maybe, the obstacle is a bunch of wooden crates or scattered iron crates. Sometimes they are a slippery hill of snow, which can drag you down a hole.

The novelty and originality of vehicle design

When he first joined the game, Rovercraft divided the car design screen into 2 different parts. If the upper part is a 2D appearance with a direct view, the lower part of the screen is the unlocked parts and can be used in assembling the car.

Vehicle details

Each part is divided into different assemblies, even the details can be customized in color. For example, the front, body or brake, throttle, lights, wheels, … Each part will have smaller details attached. Although initially, there are many basic details for each part, but through different rounds, players can use the money they have to unlock. From there, upgrading and designing unique cars will become easier.

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Assemble parts to create your own car

The results obtained are extremely unique. Many car models when completed have a very strange appearance. It seemed that they would work slowly, but no, when starting up you will have to exclaim full of surprise. In contrast, many cars look very majestic, but when restarting, players are disappointed because they are so different from what you have imagined. Therefore, when building cars, you should not assemble them by inertia. Let’s create cars with depth because letting the car avoid obstacles and run on the road depends on many factors. Turn those combinations into your own unique being.

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Each combination has its own pros and cons. Therefore, depending on the terrain, you can create your own unique and strange car. In addition, Rovercraft also brings thousands of other unique and strange details such as jet engines, reactors, wheels, … these items can be purchased with coins or received when spinning the rotation.lucky.

Rovercraft APK MOD Version

  • Unlimited money

Rovercraft helps you express your unique creativity by creating racing cars. Immediately use these cars as your means of transportation. For those who love the experience, this is an ideal game. Download Rovercraft MOD APK and try out these new experiences.


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