Download Remini MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK

Download Remini MOD (Premium Unlocked) + APK
Name Remini
Publisher Splice Video Editor
Latest Version
Genre Photography
Size 135 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Premium Unlock
Get it On Google Play

Remini MOD APK received a lot of positive reviews from users as soon as it was released. Thanks to this application, users can recover poor quality old photos. Now, instead of hiring a professional with a large amount of money to restore photos, you can do it yourself for free. There are many other great features of the application waiting for you to discover. With Remini modpure, experience and exploit all these impressive features.

mod Remini

Download Remini Mod – Recover old photos easily

Remini debut has become the focus of attention with its extremely unique path. Not an ordinary photo editing tool, this application exploits the main feature of photo recovery. Thanks to it, many people find good memories through old photos. Blurred photos, low quality black and white photos have been restored with just a few simple steps at Remini.

Impressive resilience

You will be surprised with the resilience of this application. Not only refreshes, increases sharpness for images, but it also applies to videos. Photos taken from the olden days are of low image quality. Colors if not black and white are also dark and dim, the sharpness is not high. Through Remini, with modern AI generation technology, every detail in the image is restored. Just open the gallery, select a photo, and immediately the old photo will be restored to color and sharper. When you put a photo into the app, the technology built into it scans for blurs and sharpens it automatically. As a result, you will have a picture with much brighter and sharper colors than the original. The same goes for videos. Blurred videos because of low resolution when through the application will be edited and restored. In just a moment, you will enjoy the “refreshed” video with much better quality. You can even make some minor edits like adding captions to the video.

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Create portraits and sketches

If you want to create a cartoon-style portrait yourself, you can look to Remini. Restoring old photos is the most prominent feature, but not all that the application has. So you can discover more interesting features of creating portraits and sketching faces thanks to this special app. Thanks to AI technology, you will have an animated portrait based on the original photo you provide. Besides, sketching portraits like a painter is also extremely simple with Remini. Want to have this type of image, you can ask the application to complete with just simple operations. Your job is to provide photos for the app. Immediately the results will be returned with professional and artistic strokes.

Appearance and history

Through this feature, users can review the works they have edited. The main purpose is to help you see the draft so that you can easily restore it when you want. Because in the process of editing photos, sometimes you accidentally delete by mistake. Or simply be more satisfied with the pre-edited photo. With a simple interface, even new users can still perform the tasks they want in the application. Reasonable division features, vertical configuration suitable for all mobile series. Under “More” you will find the features you need like: Restore, scratch, vintage, portrait, Manga eraser and many more amazing things. Not only that, this photo editing tool also has a detailed user guide with each feature.

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Remini Pro Version

Like other applications, Remini also has a premium version that requires a fee. For the Pro plan, users can enjoy more impressive features. For example, use as you like during the day, remove ads or get 5 free Pro cards per month. If you sign up for this VIP package, you will have to pay a price of 5$ per month. Or pay quarterly, annually to receive a percentage discount. If you don’t mind the cost, there’s no reason to skip the Remini PRO. When you buy the premium plan, you can customize countless daily photos with no worries. Moreover, there are no annoying ads that appear during use. Besides, the time to use the feature is also very fast, no waiting like the normal version.

MOD version of Remini APK

  • Premium Unlock

If you don’t know how to restore old, blurry photos, look to Remini. This photo editing application with many special features will help you get back sharp images with brighter colors. In addition, you can also create many other artistic photos thanks to the modern AI technology built into the application. If you want to exploit all the features of the PRO version for free, don’t ignore the Remini MOD APK that we provide right below.


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