Download Rebel Inc MOD (Unlocked Items) + APK 1.11.1

Download Rebel Inc MOD (Unlocked Items) + APK 1.11.1
Name Rebel Inc
Publisher Ndemic Creations
Latest Version 1.11.1
Genre Simulation
Size 71 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlock items
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Strategy game Rebel Inc MOD APK (Unlocked items) released by Ndemic Creation. Is a mobile game capable of drawing players to the screen continuously for many hours. What’s so special about the Rebel Inc game that can attract such players? Let’s find out details about this game with MODPURE!

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Download Rebel Inc Mod – An attractive strategy game for phones

If you are a fan of strategic, intensive games. Then Rebel Inc is a game that you should not miss. With an engaging storyline, combined with a particularly rare strategic gameplay. Make a great mobile game.


Rebel Inc is set in the post-war period, the people become very miserable due to the remnants of the war. At this time, they need someone to stand up to lead, to help the country develop and people’s lives to become better. To bring stability to the people, they elected a governor. This person is responsible for helping people rebuild new lives. When joining Rebel Inc, you will play as a talented leader and command the army of the Country.

Attractive strategic gameplay

In the game Rebel Inc, you are tasked with rebuilding the Country from the ruins after the war. At the same time you must maintain peace in the region. After that war, their country was divided into many different lands. Now you need to choose a specific land and start managing the people there. The important thing is that you do not have faith in the people. So what will you do to be trusted by the people here?You need to participate in many activities with the people and develop important areas of society. Such as building schools, medical facilities, helping people develop agriculture,… After you do these things, the people’s hearts already believe in your leadership ability.

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Stability stats will show up on your play screen. Specifically: the number of people who believe in supporting you is on the left side of the screen. Conversely, the right side of the screen will show the number of people who oppose your leadership. The Reputation stat displayed on the screen will be the deciding factor in whether you can continue playing or not. If the Prestige stat reaches 0 it means you have to end the game here.

Choice of governor

The choice of governor is a mandatory condition when you participate in the game. Each governor will have his own characteristics and special abilities. You should choose a governor that best suits your playstyle. Rebel Inc will have 8 different governor options available to you. Here are some of the most used governors:

  • The Civil Servant: This is the default governor when you join the game. This person has no outstanding characteristics and is only suitable for new players.
  • The Banker: Governor of the banking sector. So if you want to make a profit when you have a lot of money that you don’t use, then this governor is the most reasonable choice.
  • The Economist: This is an economic governor. But to get this governor choice you need to win a game with civil servants. Players will receive their budget every 4th month if they own The Economist.

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  • The Smuggler: Governor on corruption. You will be able to get corrupt money when you become a The Smuggler. But you need to consider it to suit your play style to choose.
  • The General: You will be a general on condition that you win a game with The Economist. After using The General you will own a military barracks. It helps you protect your land to manage.

Expand your territory

You can choose new lands to continue the game. With one condition that you must complete the quest in the area you managed before. Up to now, Rebel Inc owns many lands such as: Mountain Pass, Distant Steppe, Saffron Fields,….

Upgrade your army

When you have power in a certain land, it is difficult to avoid the attacks of other rebels. This is the group of people who didn’t trust you when you first took over. Meanwhile, your country is in a difficult period, very prone to rebellion. Your Reputation Points will decrease as the rebels win and destroy resources on the land you administer. What is needed now is that you have to upgrade your army force. To deal with the opposing forces.


Rebel Inc has a relatively simple 2D graphic design, without many effects. This game has a design that is considered like a detailed military map. Because of its simplicity, easy to see, it helps players easily manipulate and control activities in the land they manage. Join the game you will experience the most depth and realistic images.

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Rebel Inc MOD Version APK

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  • Premium

Above is all the detailed information that we have gathered. Hopefully it will help you get the most comprehensive view of Rebel Inc. If you are a fan of the strategy game genre, then this is indeed the game worth playing for you. Download Rebel Inc MOD APK to your device to experience it right away!


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