Download Real Flight Simulator MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.5.9

Download Real Flight Simulator MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.5.9
Name Real Flight Simulator
Publisher RORTOS
Latest Version 1.5.9
Genre Simulation
Size 172M
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD full version
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Real Flight Simulator MOD APK is one of the most prominent simulation games released by Rorts. Keep the characteristics of the simulation game series. Combined with that is a number of new features and designs to increase the uniqueness. These have made an impression in the hearts of players. As a game worth “great money”, so even spending $ 1.07 to experience the game still feels extremely worth it. If you want to play the game for free, you can download the Real Flight Simulator version.

download Real Flight Simulator mod

Download Real Flight Simulator Mod – Become a pilot to conquer the sky

Publisher Rorts has many different versions of flight simulators. Although the theme is not new, its products always have their own unique features. You can verify this by experiencing the Real Flight Simulator game. Become a pilot, control the “iron bird” to fly to all areas of the sky. This can be difficult in real life, but it is possible in the game.

Excellent gameplay

Simulating motorcycle and car driving will be simpler because you have experienced it in reality. However, when becoming a pilot with an aircraft as the control vehicle, things will be a bit more complicated. However, with a simple mechanism, detailed design, and science, you can start off smoothly. Aircraft space with realistically designed cockpit. All control buttons are clearly visible on the screen. When you become a pilot, you will take on the task of flying an aircraft, transporting passengers to specific locations by air. Pay attention to the screen with the gear box with different levels. If you want the plane to run on the runway before taking off, you need to shift the gear lever to level 3. Then, flexibly change the angle of view to determine the landing address. You can navigate the plane by tilting your phone or using the D-pad. Once you enter the game and go through a few games, you will find this game very simple. Make sure you take off successfully and land correctly. Don’t go over the runway or put the wrong number. This will cause you to deviate from the norm and lead to unintended results.

RealFlight Simulator mod

Admiring the scenery

The landscape of the sky and the panorama on the ground can only be seen when we are high above. And to do this, the safest and most effective way is to fly. In Real Flight Simulator, you are a pilot. Therefore, it is possible to admire the impressive landscapes throughout Asia and u. Please choose for yourself a specific starting point as well as a specific destination for your journey. This aerial journey will leave you with a lot of memorable experiences. To increase the experience, the developer has exploited many different perspectives. You can see the scenery through the cockpit, windows, rear,… The sky is made extremely detailed and realistic. All are displayed clearly, creating a vivid and majestic picture. In particular, the game also adds weather effects to increase the realism. In the sky, welcome the rain, the bright sunshine and even the blizzard. A realistic simulation game that will let you fully feel in every aspect. Besides the wonderful thing about the scenery, don’t forget that it also makes it difficult to control your plane.

RealFlight Simulator hack

Actual aircraft model

Coming to the most important part not to be missed of Real Flight Simulator. Although you have experienced many top products of the same genre, you still have to admire the grandeur of the aircraft system in the game. There are more than 30 different types of “iron birds” in this simulation game. Have you ever thought, you will have the opportunity to test-pilot all famous aircraft such as Boeing 768, 787?The fact is not only focused on appearance but also very detailed in terms of parameters. Each aircraft model has its own specifications with a full range of engines and parts from different manufacturers. This is also useful information for you to choose the right model for your needs as well as the amount of money you have. If you want to buy a good plane, you have to spend a lot of money. And of course, the more expensive the plane, the better and smoother the operation.

Make flights

With the default in-game mode, you can set a specific schedule yourself. Fly where you want, complete the flight safely to receive rewards. If you want a little challenge, try your hand at real-time flight mode in Real Flight Simulator. In this mode, all your skills will be fully displayed. The schedules are all set up and you have to complete exactly what the system asks. Make sure you take off and land at the specified time and place.

download Real Flight Simulator hack

MOD version of Real Flight Simulator APK

  • Full version
  • Unlimited money

With a paid game like Real Flight Simulator, there is nothing to regret. The amount of money you spend compared to the experience that the game brings is really much cheaper. However, if you want to try it for free before deciding to play for a fee, you can download the Real Flight Simulator MOD APK version.


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