Download Punball MOD (Free Reward) + APK 1.8.0

Download Punball MOD (Free Reward) + APK 1.8.0
Name Punball
Publisher Habby
Latest Version 1.8.0
Genre Puzzle
Size 179 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Free rewards
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Punball has so far reached over 3 million downloads on the Google Play app market. This number proves that this puzzle game is not simple to attract. In addition to beautiful graphics, the attractive gameplay has created unique gameplay, the more you experience it, the more attractive it becomes. Download Punball MOD APK, you will get advantages in the process of deploying your level.

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Download Punball Mod – Try your hand at impressive puzzles

Punball of publisher Habby is highly appreciated by many gamers because of the experience it brings to players. You can try your hand at tactical puzzles. Believe that a “brother” product with the hit game Archero will bring you satisfaction. A new story, lovely characters and unique gameplay promises to bring the most impressive experiences.

Simple gameplay

This exciting puzzle game is set in the land of Barren. This is where Zeus created all things, sowing the seeds for life on Earth. However, after a while, this god became lazy, not interested in human life. Therefore, the army of darkness arose and attacked the peaceful land of Barren. To resist the invasion of the dark forces, a female warrior stood up to fight. With the bravery, skill of a hero, the warrior determined to defeat the invasion of the dark army. In Punball, you will play the role of a female warrior with the task of protecting Barren. Basically, the gameplay of this game is similar to Archero. To attack the character, you just need to perform a simple swipe. Balls filled with magical power will immediately appear to attack enemies. Initially, you can attack with the main weapon of 2 balls. The damage dealt to the enemy is proportional to the sorceress’s attack stats. Monsters have a certain amount of health. You need to pay attention to hit until the health bar reaches 0, then they will be destroyed. If the monster’s HP is not exhausted while your life bar is exhausted, it will be counted as defeat.

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You need to try to shoot accurately to increase the amount of balls in one shot. If you hit the skill box, you will receive a random skill provided by the system. The mission system in the game is divided into several floors. Each floor consists of many different levels. If you want to level up quickly, you need to shoot accurately. Pass the levels you will enter the next level of battle.

Equip the character

The monster army in Punball gets stronger with each level of play. At higher floors, not only their strength but also their health increased significantly. To complete the task, you must improve your own strength. In addition to weapons, equip armor and some other useful items. Equipment types are classified by rarity. Combining many of the same equipment will create a powerful new item with a higher rarity. To get equipment for the character, you need to fight monsters or open a chest. Besides, participate in more events for a chance to receive equipment with rarity from epic and above. Also, pay attention to equipment enhancement. Each type will have its own strength stat. When strengthening, these stats will increase a lot. This will definitely help you get more advantages in the battle.

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Gifts and events

In Punball, the character has a natural ability. This ability is divided into 2 detailed columns on the screen. The left part is the basic indicators. In this column, you need to upgrade using gold. When loading enough required gold, important stats such as health, healing ability, … will be significantly increased. For the special talent column, you can increase many essential elements such as collecting gold, equipment stats, damage ability, …. Want to upgrade special talent you will have to use TalentStone. If you want to get rare items, you should pay attention to the events that the game organizes. On special occasions, game publishers often organize events for gamers to have the opportunity to participate and earn attractive rewards. Wanting coins to open the chest is not too difficult if you are lucky in the event. With each opening of the chest, you will receive items with epic rarity. Although the item is attractive, compared to the conditions of participation, there are many unreasonable points. With normal mode, each player has to spend 10 energy. Meanwhile, participating in the event will require twice as much, ie 20 energy.

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Various monster system

There are many games with gameplay like Punball. However, it is rare for a game to possess such a huge amount of monsters as this game. There will be many challenges that you need to overcome. All monsters in the game have their own tankers and special skills. To deal damage to them, you need to flexibly control the ball to hit the enemy’s back. There are even monsters that possess the ability to clone when killed. With 200 monsters, you can freely conquer to assert your strength.

Punball APK MOD Version

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  • Realize the bot

If you want to experience a puzzle game with a new gameplay, you should not miss Punball. As an interesting game, beautiful graphics and many attractive challenges, it is certain that this game will leave you with many unforgettable impressions. Download Punball MOD APK to your device to participate in the journey to kill monsters and save the land of Barren.


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