Download Project Drag Racing MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.0.1

Download Project Drag Racing MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.0.1
Name Project Drag Racing
Publisher R U S Y A
Latest Version 2.0.1
Genre Racing
Size 79 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Project Drag Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money) becomes the racing game “cabinet” of many players because it offers a super car lineup. Becoming the owner of expensive cars is no longer a problem when you become a racer in this game. Discover professional racing tracks, unique backgrounds and engaging levels in the Project Drag Racing modpure. The opportunity to become the number one racer with good handling skills is waiting for you to seize.

ProjectDrag Racing mod

Download Project Drag Racing Mod – Become the world’s top racer

Rusya’s Project Drag Racing racing game impresses with its eye-catching images and super car system. The familiar gameplay combined with new features has helped the game make an impression in the hearts of players. Choose the best “horses” to join and conquer the race. Sit in the cockpit, step on the accelerator, cross challenging roads to break through and exceed your own limits. Get ready to burn the streets, leave your opponents behind, become the best racer. With the super car system, you can own any car model you like. Not only impressive in design, but its speed and performance also make you overwhelmed. As a racing game, so Project Drag Racing always contains special elements such as “thrills”. During the experience, you can truly feel this in each track that the game screen brings.

Impressive gameplay

Project Drag Racing lets you get acquainted and start from the most basic steps. Initially, learn to control the racing car through the on-screen function keys. The car that the game gives you as soon as you enter the game has other good performance. It was chosen to accompany new gamers. So all parameters fit very well.

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At first, you need to get used to and practice to improve your skills. In the following levels, the challenge gradually increases. To overcome challenges and obstacles, you need to be very focused. The track will appear obstacles that surprise you. If not handled well, it is easy to “out” out of the challenging way. So, show your excellent steering and skillful handling skills through braking and drifting phases. These top-notch techniques will showcase your full potential. Speed ​​is a fundamental factor in the game, not the key. The most important thing to complete the track is handling skills and the right speed. Don’t drive too fast, don’t be too shy. When you need to be quick, step on the gas really hard, when you need to handle the technique, do it skillfully and professionally. If you do these things, you will surely be able to perform excellently.

Quality supercars

This is considered one of the most “money-making” points of this game. Super car enthusiasts have the opportunity to be surprised with extremely “luxury – genuine – smooth” cars in the garage of Project Drag Racing. All are designed based on the designs of famous brands in real life. Therefore, the engines are all in the “quality” category, and the designs are extremely trendy. Get ready to conquer and experience the models of famous brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes,… Most importantly, all designs are limited edition. If it is not possible in real life, this becomes extremely simple in the game. Win races, complete tasks well, you will accumulate enough money. Thanks to that, you can bring back your favorite racing cars.

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Racing skills required

Project Drag Racing is a game that fully exploits both skill and speed. Therefore, this will be the perfect arena for you to show off your skills. Try to finish first to get fame and money. In particular, during the race, you also get points for excellent and impressive handling. Fast cornering, drifting, good braking, impressive acceleration,… All these super skills are the factors that help you get more personal coefficients. The skill-focused track is your chance to show your full potential. Try to minimize collisions and accidents. Doing this well, you will save a large amount of maintenance costs.

Racing Car Upgrade

Sure, upgrades and customization are indispensable elements in racing games. In this game, you can customize the “horse” to your liking to achieve the best performance. These customizations can come from the outside or drastic changes from the internal engine. Use the money you have to upgrade the racing items depending on your preferences and financial ability.

modProject Drag Racing

3D Graphics

A challenging and unexpected adventure awaits you in Project Drag Racing. The game possesses super realistic 3D images with harmonious and outstanding colors. During the racing process, you can see the racing scene from many angles. Combining realistic effects, rich sound creates an extremely unique professional racing track.

MOD version of Project Drag Racing APK

  • Unlimited money

You can evaluate Project Drag Racing for yourself by downloading and experiencing the game right on your mobile. Join racing games that are both entertainment and an opportunity for you to test your skills. Download Project Drag Racing MOD APK to your device to start right away!


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