Download PAC-MAN MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 10.2.6

Download PAC-MAN MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 10.2.6
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
Latest Version 10.2.6
Genre Casual
Size 87 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Pac – Man is a childhood sky with many 8x and 9x generation gamers. The game of the famous publisher Bandai Namco is not out of expectations from players. Very simple, light but extremely attractive. The chase style snake hunting combined with an impressive graphics system brings unique gameplay to the game. Start right away with Pac – Man MOD APK to collect a lot of light particles for the “big mouth gold block”.

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Download Pac-Man Mod – Pac Man’s Hunting Journey

It is no exaggeration to say that PacMan has become a famous icon known by many people. The once-popular game has returned with exciting modern features. Although the idea is not too new, its experientiality eats away many other games of the same genre. The Pac Man-style chase is no stranger to gamers. The main task of the player is to control the yellow circle with a wide mouth to collect prey in turn. The diverse map with complex terrain is the biggest challenge in the game. You will go through the turns, hunt and eat bright seeds, avoid colliding with ghosts. The more bait you collect, the higher your score.

Classic gameplay

Previously, Pac man moved on the black and white screen through the control system of the handheld game console. However, now, things were completely different. The mobile version of Pac-Man appears with sharper, more colorful images. The gameplay is still basically controlling Pacman to hunt. However, instead of buttons on the handheld, you just swipe the screen to move the character through all the way.


The main task is still to collect light granular food and dodge ghosts. In the mobile version, ghosts in the game are divided into 4 different types. They carry on them colorful, eye-catching but extremely dangerous colors. This is not a fighting game. So, to be safe, you only have to control Pacman to avoid them. In particular, in some cases, you can even eat these ghosts.

Many new interesting points

With each turn, the player will have 3 lives. In the early stages, this number of lives seems quite “abundant”. However, when you get to high levels, you will find that 3 lives is not worth much. There are countless paths with ghosts lurking waiting for you. Just a little mistake and you will waste a life. You can clearly feel this when you begin to conquer the 10th level. The map is designed as a matrix with many different paths. In it, Pacman fights alone around a lot of ghosts. To conquer many levels, you need to have ingenuity and flexibility in all situations. The challenge is more, but the number of light particles is not small. As long as you eat a lot of food, the ability to pass the level will be much higher. In particular, with “exotic” food particles, try to collect for more advantages.

Various game modes

The simple game Pac-Man gives you a variety of game modes to choose from. You can play in the same traditional way as before with the task of completing each level challenge. Or experience My Mazes mode with many different types of terrain, many different levels. Passing each level, you will collect pacman coins and be eligible to unlock new maps. Finally, with Tournaments mode, try to do all the tasks well to collect many valuable rewards.


Familiar graphics

PAC-MAN retains the original features thanks to the simple 2D graphics platform. Create a pacman shape with a background designed in a classic pixel style. The most obvious difference is the color as well as the variety of terrain and movement. Besides, the “traditional” sound of the game is also preserved to be able to fully convey emotions to the player.

Pac-Man MOD Version APK

  • Unlimited money

Surely the nostalgic game Pac-Man will not disappoint you. The simple but powerful hunting style is the “money” point of the game. In free time, just playing a few games of hunting pacman is enough to regain the spirit of sobriety and relaxation. Download Pac-Man MOD APK to return to these fascinating classic levels right away. Click to download the safe mod that we provide right below.


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