Download One Way: The Elevator MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.0.25

Download One Way: The Elevator MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.0.25
Name One Way: The Elevator
Publisher CottonGame
Latest Version 1.0.25
Genre Casual
Size 235 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Full version
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One Way: The Elevato MOD APK gives you the opportunity to experience interesting stories with unique content. The most impressive point in this game is the image with artistic strokes. From the small story to the cast of characters, it’s all very meaningful. Experience the game to relax as well as refresh the soul.

Download One Way: The Elevato Mod – Touching Stories

One Way: The Elevato by Cotton Game is highly appreciated for the content and the message it conveys. Although built in a point and click style, the uniqueness of the plot as well as the gameplay is clearly visible in this game. No need to be tense or dramatic, just gentle things are enough to touch people’s emotions. The puzzle adventure game leads players through many episodes, stringing a meaningful story. Just perform simple touch screen operations, you can do the task well. Challenging is only part of the game because it focuses on the mental and emotional value brought to the player.

The story of the orphan boy

One Way: The Elevato is like a fairy tale with the main character being a boy who lost his parents. The traffic accident claimed the lives of both the boy’s father and mother. From a happy boy to a lonely and helpless person, receiving scoldings from acquaintances. Life with him became meaningless, until one sad rainy day and the secret in the small attic gradually opened. While gnawing on his sadness, he saw a sudden flash of light along with a small ladder. Curious, he followed the ladder and opened up to a completely different world. This seems to be a paradise with vivid colors, laughter, and sounds. Through the story of the strange old man, he learned about the elevator that moves through the clouds, to heaven. Here, you can see your deceased father and mother.

One Way The Elevator mod

Because of the nostalgia for his parents, he is determined to find the ladder, overcome all the thorns and challenges. Collect the green energy ball, the new elevator can operate, bringing the boy to heaven. Many challenges ahead require players to successfully solve puzzles to collect energy balls.

Interesting gameplay

As soon as participating in  One Way: The Elevato, players have had basic interactions with the main character. However, things only really started when the elevator started operating. At the 2nd stop, a new character will appear. All are characters that bring challenges with the purpose of preventing you from finding energy balls. The resistance of the characters all have their own reasons. They appear stressed, always angry and irritable. However, everything has a reason. Your task is to listen, confide and share with them. When your troubled mind is dispelled, they will gladly give you a ball of energy. The supporting characters in One Way: The Elevator are very diverse with many different personalities and shapes. They can be ordinary people or strange animals and animals. They appear as a challenge for you to overcome, find solutions for the road ahead.

Cute graphics

The fairy tale plot and images are also extremely beautiful. Everything in One Way: The Elevato is hand-drawn with care and ingenuity. The main color tone is gentle, highlighting the fairy space. Initially, when entering the game you will find everything quite sad, right according to the context and mood of the character at that time. However, when the new world opens, everything is bright and colorful.

One Way The Elevator hack

The characters the boy encounters on his journey to collect green balls are extremely impressive. They are not only special in shape but also have their own personality and story. Finally, a wonderful sound system like a fairyland with elaborate sound lines. All have a seamless, climax, contributing to embellish the impressive space in One Way: The Elevator.

MOD version of One Way: The Elevator APK

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One Way: The Elevator with an adventure journey like a fairy tale promises to bring you beautiful memories. Touching stories, special characters with great hearts. Depression is resolved by sharing and sympathy, opening gifts for the main character to collect green balls, operating the elevator to meet his parents. Download One Way: The Elevator MOD APK to accompany the character in the fairy tale!


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