Download OMG 3Q MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.31

Download OMG 3Q MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.31
Name OMG 3Q
Publisher VNG Game Publishing
Latest Version 1.0.31
Genre Role Playing
Size 759 Mb
Requires Android 4.2 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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OMG 3Q MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a pretty famous name in the Three Kingdoms themed strategy game series. This general game allows you to be accompanied by “legendary” characters in the Three Kingdoms. Not only diverse characters, but skill sets of up to thousands are enough for players to feel overwhelmed. Experience something new with OMG 3Q to conquer the most challenging activities.

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Download OMG 3Q Mod – Tactical General Fighting

The Three Kingdoms world in OMG 3Q is exploited with depth and uniqueness in gameplay. Become the person who has the right to “control the army”, your task in the game is to summon the Three Kingdoms generals and arrange into a powerful formation. With each opponent, depending on the nature of the battle, you need to devise a suitable strategy. This is an important factor in deciding who is the winner, has a high level in the game.

Hundreds of talented generals

The number of generals in OMG 3Q is 120 characters. The skill set of each general is different, so the game has thousands of skills deployed. All the characters are names from the novel Three Kingdoms. So you can collect famous characters like Liu Bei or Zhuge Liang,… Team building depends on many factors. In addition to the skills of each character, you also have to watch your opponent. Arranging champions in the right position can promote their strengths will bring you a high win rate. In addition, you also need to upgrade the strength of each general through factors such as leveling up, star generals, heavenly destiny, …

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Thrilling battles

General card gameplay, familiar tactical combat, but the attraction from the battles in OMG 3Q is the factor that makes the success of the game. The battlefield of smoke and fire is the place where intense PvP battles take place, day and night. Features PK, Bang Chien is an opportunity for gamers to challenge and compete tactically. Along with that is a series of other unique activities for players to practice. Using champions to overcome and go clones is also a way for you to improve your ability to use your champion. In breakthrough mode, you will feel what a breakthrough change is. Usually from Chan to Tu Kim, all the characters will have a stronger, more positive change. This feature will show you where the true limits of the characters are. Finally, when experiencing the Three Kingdoms Flag mode, you can see the uniqueness of OMG 3Q. The game system will find matches automatically with each squad of 6 generals. After arranging the formation, you just need to press start to deploy the troops to “hit” the enemy. The team that wins will receive gifts, receive rewards and climb the rank successfully.

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MOD version of OMG 3Q APK

  • Unlimited money

Games like OMG 3Q will help gamers fully express their tactical thinking as well as how to use people. Not everyone can play a strategy game because it is not only an entertaining game but also requires the thinking and vision of each player. Therefore, many gamers want to experience the mod version to be able to challenge the tasks in a simpler way. Download OMG 3Q MOD APK to conquer the challenges in the game right now!


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