Download Nox Cleaner MOD + APK 3.4.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Nox Cleaner MOD + APK 3.4.7 (Premium Unlocked)
Name Nox Clear
Publisher Nox Ltd
Latest Version 3.4.7
Genre Tools
Size 27 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play

Nox Cleaner MOD APK is a tool to help you solve memory related problems and improve performance on smart mobile devices. Basically, this is a fast and safe garbage removal tool, giving users convenience right from the first use. In this article, MODPURE will share with you some useful information about this application.

Download Nox Cleaner Mod – Tool to clean files, clear caches

Nox Cleaner is a name that is no longer too strange for users using mobile devices, especially Android. So, this application will help your device clean up memory, thereby improving performance and speeding up your device for a certain period of time. This is a product from the famous publisher Nox Ltd specializing in developing applications that support user experience on mobile devices. Furthermore, Nox Cleaner has achieved over 100 million installs on Google Play along with 4.5/5 ratings from over 1 million users. So, you can believe that Nox Cleaner will be the right choice at the moment. Use this app to make your device faster and smoother.

noxcleaner mod apk

When to use Nox Cleaner?

As is known, Android mobile devices, especially low-profile devices, are prone to stutter, lag or slow down when used for a long time. Along with that, there are many other causes leading to this problem such as full data, insufficient memory capacity, even unstable battery status. All of these problems stem from your device being overloaded and needing to free up memory immediately. What is the solution here?That is using Nox Cleaner to clean up memory, improve performance with a very simple one-touch operation.

Powerful junk file cleaning

The ability to clean up trash is the most powerful feature that Nox Cleaner brings to users when using it. With this application, users not only get back data and free space from cleaning, but also many other features. First, the application will automatically compress the files available on the device, thereby creating new space and users can clean up anytime they want. Besides, the data caching system from popular social networking applications such as Line, Facebook, Whatapp will also be removed in just a simple swipe. This means you can free up device memory without worrying about deleting the wrong file. Nox Cleaner is the right tool for everyone, especially devices with excessive capacity that makes performance less than optimal.

noxcleaner premium apk

Remove security risks

One of the next outstanding features of Nox Cleaner is the ability to remove viruses and handle viruses thanks to available intelligent algorithms. The way it works is quite simple. The application will scan all data on the device and list all suspicious folders on the home screen. Thereby, users can decide to repair or keep their important folders to ensure data integrity. In addition, Nox Cleaner will also help you remove annoying notifications from untrusted sources. Most useless notifications will be blocked immediately, they are grouped in a specific folder for faster and more efficient cleaning. Or Nox Cleaner will protect you from malware while browsing the web. It is like a great shield to help you eliminate security risks when using it.

Effective Photo Manager

With Nox Cleaner, everything related to the photo library will be customized and intelligently arranged to help users interact faster. More specifically, you can use 3 main features related to this tool including intelligent image filtering, image deletion and image compression. For smart photo filtering, you’ll see duplicate or blurred photos, then make the decision to remove them from your device to optimize storage space. Next, the photo removal tool will help you identify the photos to delete and organize your photo collection. Finally, the image compression tool will resize the image without losing quality. Thereby, helping users keep high-quality photos without affecting the device’s performance.

Not only is an effective cleaning tool, but Nox Cleaner also offers many other useful features to optimize the user’s device performance. Within the scope of an article, I cannot cover all the main features of this application. So, you should download Nox Cleaner Mod (Unlocked Premium) below the article to experience more.

Nox Cleaner MOD APK version

  • Unlock Premium.

Download Nox Cleaner MOD APK for Android


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