Download Nail Woman MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.4.1

Download Nail Woman MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 2.4.1
Name Nail Woman
Publisher Matchingham Games
Latest Version 2.4.1
Genre Casual
Size 76 MB
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Nail art is one of the most popular trends today. Not only in real life but in the game it is also sought after. What benefits will these manicured nails bring?Download Nail Woman MOD APK and discover the secret through this game!downloadNail Woman hack

Download Nail Woman Mod – Beauty game for women

Nowadays, many women spend hours to take care of their nails. Many people even take the time to find ways to condition, paint and cut the corners of their nails. Therefore, nail technology has not only become a big trend for young girls, but it is also popular among middle-aged women. Men, if you are curious about the reasons for women’s nails, maybe the game Nail Woman will help you understand part of the reason. Overall the game is suitable for all ages. Because the way the game has brought high entertainment.

Special long nails

Nail Woman is an entertaining arcade game, so the gameplay is not difficult. Players only need a few minutes to download the game to be able to dance with the cute girls in the game. You will play a girl with a standard body, especially a girl who has a hobby of doing nails. Joining the journey, players will meet purple-pink nail mounds on the way. If you quickly eat these nail mounds, your nails will become longer.Nail Woman modAt the same time, you need to eat a lot of gold coins scattered everywhere. Although they are sometimes located far away from each other, that is not a problem. Because when you have collected all the nail piles, your nails are long enough to wave and collect a lot of gold. Therefore, it is very unlikely to miss gold coins. In addition, on the road there are many other obstacles. Those are the men who have stood on both sides of the road. Players should use their long and sharp nails, Just a slight swing, these guys were cut into small pieces without taking too much effort. Some of the bars that appear in the challenges also force you to use your fingernails to slide through. However, with places where players have to overcome narrow crossbars, you need to skillfully navigate so that the girls can skillfully pass easily. With these cases, the player does not need to move too fast. Just the right position and quickness, this challenge is not easy for you.

Hardest obstacle

Not all obstacles are easy for you to overcome. Players will have to confront tall iron pillars along the way. This is an obstacle you need to pay attention to most because it can make you empty-handed. With this challenge, players can only dodge to the sides to dodge, if you swipe like other obstacles, your nails will be broken. Therefore, you should be careful not to grow the nail from scratch. And the process ahead, if you encounter crossbars, how do you handle them.hack Nail WomanWhen you have overcome all the obstacles and reach the finish line, the player will receive a lot of admiration and acclaim. If the score is high, you will unlock another much more beautiful and attractive character. The game goes on like that, it only really stops when you want to stop.

Simple gameplay

Join Nail Woman, the only operation you need to do is touch the screen to move left, right. Players do not need to put too much emphasis on walking, jumping, running, … because they are all automatic. Therefore, the gameplay is not too difficult when you just start participating. At more complex obstacles, the game will assist you with a navigational gauge. Players can watch the character’s movements so as not to miss their feet.mod Nail WomanNail Woman is a game that revolves around girls only. But they have a special ability. That is being able to overcome obstacles with just his fingernails.

MOD Version of Nail Woman APK

  • Unlimited money

Nail Woman is a game with cheerful graphics and smooth movements. The challenges are also extremely diverse and attractive. Players quickly get hooked on each of those challenges. Download Nail Woman MOD APK if you love this interesting nail job.


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