Download N. O. V. A. Legacy MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v5.8.4a

Download N. O. V. A. Legacy MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK v5.8.4a
Name N.O.V.A. Legacy
Publisher Gameloft SE
Latest Version 5.8.4a
Genre Action
Size 46 Mb
Requires Android
MOD Unlimited money
Get it On Google Play

Talking about the hottest games today, the name N. O. V. A is indispensable. Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Money). This is considered a monumental comeback, reviving the once-popular N. O. V. A game. The sequel to this legendary game will not let you down. Not only is the picture and sound impressive, but the content is also very good. Publisher Gameloft hinted at a blockbuster shooter this summer. Are you ready to experience N. O. V. A. Legacy?

Download N. O. V. A. Legacy Mod – Discover a new shooting game for Android

In April this year, according to Gameloft’s plan, the game company will launch a global version of the shooting game N. O. V. A. Legacy. FPS genre is a strength of the company. Before N. O. V. A, there were many other outstanding titles of the company released. All have received high ratings and positive feedback from players. This year, gamers have the opportunity to “stand still” when N. O. V. A. Legacy released. In this game, you will experience the war in space with the best things.

The graphics are always top

The first impression when it comes to N. O. V. A. Legacy is excellence in terms of visuals. The graphics of this version have been upgraded, ensuring sharpness and realism. The re-imagined space battleground is both familiar and new. Quality graphics and advanced technology help the game get the best images. Besides, the weapons as well as the character system are also refined, not only lively but also extremely monumental.

Space War

Shooting game about a dramatic war with aliens. In N. O. V. A, you will play as a talented commander named Kal Wardin. As a retired soldier, however, the situation forced him to once again stand up and fight with his gun. The Aliens are now more dangerous, much stronger than before. They began their sudden, sudden attacks, raiding the N. O. V. A. Not allowed to break the battle, Commander Kal returned to command the N. O. V. A army, joining the fight with the highest spirit. Accompanying Kal is Yelena. As an agent who always stands shoulder to shoulder with Kal, this artificial intelligence soldier will equip Kal with the most advanced and modern gun system. Along with that are solid armor, ready to go to battle to defeat the enemy. Without immediate action, humanity will sink into extinction. As a brave soldier, he carried on his shoulders the responsibility of commanding the whole army. Use modern weapons, combine combat skills and tactical thinking to defeat the Aliens.

Familiar gameplay

N. O. V. A. Legacy is a first-person shooter game. Therefore, the focus of the game is on the battles between N. O. V. A and Alien troops. Familiar gameplay, new gameplay. This stimulates players, helps gamers feel energetic, ready to explore. Your main task is to use the gun to destroy the enemy. Confrontation is a system of dangerous alien monsters. Aim accurately, cautiously in every action to win against this Alien army. With a diverse weapon system, you can choose from many guns to suit your fighting style. In addition to rifles, pistols also have modern weapons such as plasma energy. Not only that, players themselves can also create special weapons. Along with that is spending money to upgrade, increase the destructive power of your weapons. If you want to style, make a mark on the battlefield, you can exploit the feature to customize the character’s outfit and appearance. As for the control system, you can be completely assured. Because everything is very familiar and simple. Just slide your finger to move the character and aim. To perform additional necessary actions, use the virtual keys on the screen.

Special game mode

N. O. V. A. Legacy does not disappoint players with the game modes in the game. If you want to experience in your own way, without competing head-to-head, you play offline mode. Go on missions, practice and assert your shooting skills whenever you want.

On the contrary, if you want to challenge yourself, choose Deathmatch mode. This is a strict mode that doesn’t give you a chance to surrender or withdraw. There is only one of two options, destroy all enemies to become the last survivor. Or lose the battle, become a loser, die in the hands of Alien. You will be accompanied by 7 other players. Work together to defeat the enemy to win. In addition, if you want to play 4vs4, you can choose Death Match.

MOD APK version of N. O. V. A

  • Unlimited money

Please look forward to the “revival” of N. O. V. A MOD APK because this new version will not disappoint you. Excellent game in terms of graphics, new in gameplay and many attractive game modes will give you the experience you want. Become a strong warrior, go to battle with the best spirit, ready to shoot and destroy all monsters in space. Download N. O. V. A. Legacy mod to become the most mighty and powerful warrior. Wish you happy gaming!


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