Download My Time at Portia MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.0.11232

Download My Time at Portia MOD (Full Version) + APK 1.0.11232
Name My Time at Portia
Publisher Nuverse
Latest Version 1.0.11232
Genre Simulation
Size 1.1G
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD full version
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My Time at Portia, whether released on PC or mobile, is well received from players. In fact, there are many gamers who compare the Nuverse game with Animal Crossing. However, all comparisons are lame. Because even though it is “worn” at some points, it is still basically two different games. You can feel the new and interesting things unique to this fascinating simulation game. Download My Time at Portia APK to immerse yourself in a peaceful world with a dreamy life.

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Download My Time at Portia Mod – Discover a colorful and interesting life

If you want to find a gentle but different simulation game, My Time at Portia is a good suggestion for you. The game takes you into a peaceful world, where there are poetic landscapes, mixed with natural life. During the experience, you will discover many interesting stories. Simple people, mysterious things in a new land. All create a colorful, hopeful life for My Time at Portia players.

Interesting plot

In My Time at Portia, you play as a young character with a journey back to a small town called Portia. The purpose of this trip is to meet the father and receive the gift of inheritance. This inheritance of yours is very special, not a huge amount of money or jewels. It was a crafting workshop. This place is your father’s career. He spent his life, putting all his heart into building this factory. However, one day, he disappeared for no reason. In addition to the workshop, you also get the right to record all the recipes for special items. From here, you begin to inherit the “inheritance”. Along with that is the quest to find out why his father suddenly disappeared.

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In the process of living and working here, you will experience many interesting things. Besides working at the factory, you also get to interact and meet many other people. There are many missions for you to experience. Use the right tools to craft the required item and receive a worthy reward.

Crafting items

Thanks to the recipe notebook left by your father, you will create special items yourself. This is the main quest in My Time at Portia. So, mentally determine in advance that you will have to work with “200%” of your energy. Always working with hands, exploring and tinkering, creating useful and beautiful items. In addition to the crafting task, you will also participate in simple farming. However, this is just a simple, entertaining task. Therefore, you will not dive into farm work. Simply sow, water, cultivate and harvest. The special thing is, you will farm with the tools you make. You have the task of creating small objects and large objects. Small objects are familiar everyday things such as knives, hammers, shovels, …. These things don’t take much effort, nor do they require great feats or techniques. You will pick up the materials at the store or campus. In contrast, with larger items, you will rely on detailed drawings to complete. To complete, you will first do each part, then proceed to put it together. The challenge is not only in time and effort, but also in collecting materials.

Search and collect materials

With the quest feature in My Time at Portia, materials are extremely important. To start crafting, you will first have to gather the necessary materials from many sources, many ways. For simple items, you can collect materials easily. Usually there will be straw, wood, bamboo, sand, stone, …. These are located near where you live, so it’s not difficult to find.

Meanwhile, meticulous and elaborate items require you to exploit resources in complex terrain. If you want to find copper, iron, silver, … then you have to climb the pass, wade streams, go to the forest to mine, cut stone. In general, all are difficult challenges if you want to make delicate and precious items. And yet, after finishing the materials, you need to start processing. For example, splitting bamboo, heating iron,…

Explore the vast world

My Time at Portia gives you the opportunity to work as well as the opportunity to explore the world around you. In addition to crafting time, you also participate in adventures and explore the town of Portia. This place is not too large but enough for you to start an exciting adventure journey. The game equips you with a jetpack and a scanner. Go everywhere, look for materials and enjoy the wonderful scenery of this area. Although the experience on mobile is a bit cramped, everything is still very impressive. As for the NPC characters, the mobile version will also be narrower than the PC version. The interaction is also not as much as when playing on the computer. However, what should be kept is still kept. You can see this through the character line as well as the necessary relationships in the game.

Complete the quest

The process of interacting and exploring in My Time at Portia, you will receive each specific task. The people in the town are very approachable and friendly. They have many things that need your help. In return, they will pay fair and generous compensation. Everything they pay you for is useful, if not now, you will definitely use it later. You can even view the rewards before accepting any job. Completing the quest will receive the reward as well as experience points. These will help you upgrade, create a reputation in the town. From there, people know and find you more. This is a way for you to earn more money, become a professional and reputable craftsman.

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Skill Upgrade

Collecting recipes, a variety of items that can be made is a way for you to upgrade your character’s skills. Dad’s notebook was full and detailed, but not too much. In the process of working, you will discover many new recipes. You can unlock new recipes by completing quests. Or talk to experienced villagers so that they can pass on their secrets to you. After each level up, you will get bonus points for a specific skill. You can choose to increase your combat skills, gather resources, or communicate. Every skill is important. Choosing the right upgrade for each situation will help you become more comprehensive.

MOD version of My Time at Portia APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Full version

As can be seen, My Time at Portia APK is a unique simulation game with many novelties. The gameplay is simple, but the tasks and features in the game are extremely different. The step-by-step implementation of the challenge in the game will let you feel this clearly. With beautiful graphics, realistic sounds and fun, you will surely have unforgettable memories during the journey with the game. Download My Time at Portia mod to explore this interesting Portia town.


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