Download Motor Tour MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.6.6

Download Motor Tour MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.6.6
Name Motor Tour
Publisher Wolves Interactive
Latest Version 1.6.6
Genre Racing
Size 128 Mb
Requires Android 5.0 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Motor Tour MOD APK (Unlimited Money) gives riders unlimited money to experience the race in the most comfortable way. No pressure on money or scores, instead, you will experience the game, complete the task with the fullest spirit. Overcoming challenges for fun, to prove your ability. It doesn’t matter who you are, quiet or active personality. Once on the track, all have the same goal of conquering speed and enjoying the feeling of sublimation on the track.

Motor Tour mod

Download Motor Tour Mod – Conquer all races

Not only luxury racing cars, but stylish motorcycles are the first choice of racers. Compared to car racing, motorcycles give them a more comfortable, free and stylish feeling. The pitiful car stands out with its swaggering personality on the track. Surrounded by beautiful scenery with diverse backgrounds. Just thinking about it is enough to imagine the wonderful vision and experience that Motor Tour brings. Like a tour on a motorbike. Not subject to domination, not abstaining from anything. Wolves Interactive has succeeded in conquering exciting and new requests from players. Therefore, the game received many winged compliments from players as well as game critics.


There’s not a lot of complexity when it comes to the controls and gameplay of racing games. With Motor Tour too, your task is to control the car to complete the races. The characteristics of the motorcycle are also realistically and professionally designed and developed. You get to choose a race car at the start. After many challenges, you can afford to upgrade and customize the car. In addition to changing the appearance, you can also change the engine and some other accessories. This change, in addition to meeting personal style, must also be suitable for the race track and weather factors.

Motor Tour hack

From the first perspective, the racing scene is extremely clear. The aggressive front end of the motorcycle is covered and fully embraced. Looking at the parameters, you can flexibly handle situations. From speeding to turning the car to the right and left, accelerating, braking sharply, … The road ahead covers your eyes for quick and timely handling. In addition, the actual environment of the game is also designed meticulously and delicately. Colors, effects, shadows represent very realistic times of the day.

Interesting game mode

The game has 6 game modes with the common task of driving, moving on the highway, passing vehicles in traffic. Try to score a lot of points, handle situations wisely. Do your best to unlock motorcycles, upgrade vehicles, and aim for perfection and the pinnacle of the game. The game modes let you enjoy all the emotions you get on the track. On the motorcycle, show your true skills. Playing solo or participating in a multiplayer race each has its own interesting challenges. Overtake the vehicles in traffic to prove your ability. More importantly, completing challenges in all modes is also a way for you to push your limits.

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In particular, whether it is a personal experience or a challenge, competing in PvP mode has its own attractive obstacles. On a bunker motorcycle, challenge other riders in real time. Start together, show off your skills on the track, perform hundreds of online missions. Overcome all opponents to become a formidable racer, get the most respectable achievements. Through the races, you can earn points to upgrade or buy blueprints from other players.

Many interesting things in the game

In Motor Tour’s Endless mode, players can unlock new vehicles by collecting blueprints. Join the multiplayer mode, you are allowed to change and upgrade the car by using money to buy other players’ blueprints. This special mechanism makes the game more unique and interesting than ever. Not only that, the process of unlocking and upgrading also stimulates players to strive and improve themselves. There are times when you can make more money than usual if you know how to take advantage of it. Pay attention to this on every race because it will help you financially to unlock and upgrade racing cars. The special cases that can be taken advantage of are the sharp turns, passing cars moving at high speed or driving at night on the highway, ..

downloadMotor Tour mod

MOD Version of Motor Tour APK

  • Unlimited money

In general, Motor Tour has many new points, breaking out of the boring old ones often found in many games. With beautiful graphics, diverse maps, and many beautiful racing scenes, you can unleash your ultimate motorcycling. Download Motor Tour MOD APK to join the race now!


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