Download Modern Strike Online MOD (Unlimited Ammo) + APK 1.51.0

Download Modern Strike Online MOD (Unlimited Ammo) + APK 1.51.0
Name Modern Strike Online
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Latest Version 1.51.0
Genre Action
Size 473 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited ammo
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You are a lover of the shooting game genre and have not chosen a game that suits you. Then Modern Strike Online MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) is a wise choice for you. The game is suitable for both Android and iOS platforms, very convenient for all audiences. In hundreds of different shooting games on the market, Modern Strike Online has nothing to stand out to be so loved by gamers. In this article, we will give a brief introduction to the Modern Strike Online game for everyone to learn!

download Modern Strike Online mod

Download Modern Strike Online Mod – A good shooting game for phones

Modern Strike Online – Modern Strike Online is developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. This is an agile action game, with a large number of people downloading and playing. Join the game you will experience the most realistic gunfight. Compared to previous shooters, Modern Strike Online has a gameplay that is not much different. But it is much improved in terms of effects and basic bugs. That has helped players feel close and true to real life.

Game Modes

Modern Strike Online is designed with 7 battle modes for you to choose from. Although the same ultimate goal is to win, each game mode will have a different way of fighting. After destroying the enemy and becoming the last survivor of the match, the player will receive a high score. The game has a very rich and diverse battle map system, players can freely choose. Weapons, large guns and meticulously designed graphics, more novel than previous titles.

What outstanding features does the game have?

  • Online shooting action game with attractive gameplay
  • There are 7 game modes for you to explore
  • Game with 7 cards to play with your friends

hackModern Strike Online

  • Over 70  different weapons in total: Machine guns, shotguns, submachine guns, armor,….
  • You can choose the weapon that suits your battle goals
  • Realistic, sharp 3D graphics
  • Alive sound

Various weapons

Modern Strike Online owns a huge arsenal, with more than 70 different weapons, which will expand in the future. Not to mention: pistols, rifles, AK 12, …. Not only guns but also many other weapons such as knives, grenades, armor,… Each type will have its own battle advantage, but players need to choose the right weapon to improve the ability to win. Each weapon will be designed with different shapes and decorations, helping to increase the outstanding effect in gun battles. Players are free to choose weapons to fight depending on the map and opponent. Choosing the right weapon helped to hold 50% of the victory.

Character equipment selection

In the game there are a total of 5 types of characters for players to choose from. Each character will have a different look and design. Players can change the character at any time, helping to increase the attractiveness of the game.

ModernStrike Online mod

Modern Strike Online has a system of equipment: clothes, hats, … diverse. After completing each mission, the number of points increases your character can upgrade equipment. Specifically, types such as armor, hats increase defense. To make the character more flexible, you should equip them with shoes and gloves.

Customized Game Match

In addition to the pre-installed matches in Modern Strike Online, players can create their own matches. All rules, game genres are decided by you, regardless of the available mode. You can choose an arbitrary map that you can play smoothly. Then invite you to play together to practice fighting ability. Help you improve your character’s ability, prepare for real battles.

Graphics and sound

A fierce battlefield is clearly shown in the game thanks to graphics and sound. Sharp 3D graphics, meticulous to every detail of the scene, weapon, to every gesture. With a series of unique sounds that make players feel like they are shooting a real gun. It must be said that the developers of Modern Strike Online have made a rather meticulous investment in graphics and sound.

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Specifically, in the game Modern Strike Online, there are often noises such as: The sound of a plane, the sound of moving engines, the screams in a panic. Accompanied by the characteristic sounds whenever there is a collision of bombs or other weapons …..

Mod version of Modern Strike Online APK

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Immortal

If you are looking for an action game, with a fierce battlefield, you must definitely try Modern Strike Online. The game is not at the top of the table, but it still deserves to be in the top of the new and exciting action games worth experiencing. You will be challenged with countless types of weapons, equipped for the epic shooting battlefield. Download the Modern Strike Online mod to join and try what it’s like to be a gunner!


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