Download MO: Astray MOD (Full Paid) + APK 1.3.6

Download MO: Astray MOD (Full Paid) + APK 1.3.6
Name MO: Astray
Publisher Rayark International Limited
Latest Version 1.3.6
Genre Action
Size 280M
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Full paid
Get it On Google Play

Mo: Astray MOD APK is a role-playing game with extremely interesting and attractive gameplay. Combined with that is a unique plot and many new details. In this version Mo: Astray mod full paid has been edited by the developer and added many other new features. Let’s learn about the basic information of this game with us!

downloadMO Astray mod

Download MO: Astray Mod – Action RPG with a compelling storyline

Mo: Astray is developed by Archpray Inc and published by Rayark. Is a puzzle game combined with action elements. Since its launch until now, Mo: Astray has always received positive reviews from players as well as experts. This is the version for Android and iOS mobile platforms, so it is very convenient for many participants.

Interesting plot

Mo: Astray is about an amorphous creature named MO. He wakes up in an abandoned laboratory. This place is very dark and humid. At this moment, MO has lost his memory, no longer remembers what happened to him. MO wants to get out of the lab to find out what’s going on with her. But it was unfortunate for him, because at this time he discovered that he was trapped in an environment with countless dangers lurking. The gloom, desolation, and pitfalls are ubiquitous. Here, MO has to face many extremely cruel challenges. Around him are people who are controlled by alien parasitic plants. In the end, he had to do what he could to return safely.

MO Astray mod

The journey to discover the strange world of MO

In the game Mo: Astray, you will play the character MO – an amorphous creature with special skills. He is controlled by some strange voice. You can collect information through the words that appear on the play screen when the voice plays. The game is a journey with the MO character through the laboratory and the locations full of mystery and haunting. This is the habitat of parasitic organisms and the people who are being parasitized by them in the body. These parasitic humans always want to attack the remaining creatures, including MO  (the character you are controlling). In the MO game possesses all the skills to dodge, overcome obstacles. So in this journey, players need to use those skills to protect MO from danger.

MO’s mastery

Although   Mo: Astray belongs to the puzzle game genre, to win in this game you need to flexibly use many skills. Besides applying the logic of the journey, you also need to control the MO quickly. Because the game also contains many action adventure elements.

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There are two new modes updated in the PC version: Speed ​​and Disaster

  • Speed ​​Mode: The player’s challenge is always limited to a very short period of time. Therefore, when playing in this mode, you need to find yourself a way to find the exit to shorten the most time. This makes it easier for you to overcome challenges. However, how to find the optimal path is not a simple matter.
  • Disaster mode: The important point here is that players need to practice super-fast reflexes to survive in that mysterious laboratory. Your journey will always be associated with challenges, pitfalls from the environment and faster, smarter creatures. It can be seen that Disaster is the most difficult mode in the game Mo: Astray.

The game’s exquisite pixel art

Mo: Astray is considered a game with exquisite pixel graphics. It has a gloomy classic style but is both lovely and full of charm. It makes the game world have a sci-fi atmosphere. All about the scenery, characters or sounds of the game are meticulously designed and harmonious with each other. It is this that creates a mysterious and cold environment. It will be very scary to be alone with MO with countless dangers around.

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Sharp artistic effects combined with gentle background music, they are changed to suit each context. Give players a sense of exciting adventure in the game world.

MOD version of Mo: Astray APK

  • Full paid
  • 100% tested

With all the information that I shared above, you can completely confidently download Mo: Astray MOD APK to your device to experience. Currently, there are many ways to download games, there are both paid forms or you can choose to download them for free. Get ready for a journey of discovery with MO and find out where MO’s origins are!Hope this game will bring you the most enjoyable entertainment moments.


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