Download Marvel Contest of Champions MOD (Disable Enemy) + APK 35.1.1

Download Marvel Contest of Champions MOD (Disable Enemy) + APK 35.1.1
Name Marvel Contest of Champions
Publisher Kabam Games
Latest Version 35.1.1
Genre Action
Size 524 Mb
Requires Android 6.0 trở lên
MOD Disable the enemy
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Marvel fans have the opportunity to satisfy their passion to accompany their idols in the unique action game Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK. In this game, you will meet familiar faces of the Marvel universe such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor,… Take control of the hero to participate in battles, show all skills and strength towin. With Marvel Contest of Champions modpure, you will have the opportunity to unlock your favorite superheroes.

Marvel Contest of Champions mod

Download Marvel Contest of Champions Mod – Superhero War

The Marvel brand is not only popular in comics and movies, but also has a special charm when it becomes the theme of game titles. In Kabam Games Inc’s Marvel Contest of Champions, you’ll meet familiar characters from the Marvel universe. Your task is to accompany the superheroes, participate in fiery struggles to become the winner. In addition to superheroes defending justice, you also encounter memorable familiar villains in this universe. Each match is the playground of a specific superhero. No one else, you are the one who controls the character, launching eye-catching combos. The more victories you get, the more diverse your hero collection will be. This is also how you can demonstrate your real skills.

Familiar fighting style

Marvel Contest of Champions is actually an action fighting game. Therefore, you can participate in thrilling confrontations between superheroes. The power will be concentrated on each specific character. In particular, the special skills of each character are built very similar to the original. To deploy the moves, power combos of superheroes, you need to use the virtual keys available on the screen.

hack Marvel Contest of Champions

Every time you launch attacks, moves, effects and lighting are made very realistic. These moves not only create “cool” but also cause great damage to the opponent. To become a winner, you need to beat your opponent 3 times. This is the limit to thoroughly finish, not giving the opponent the opportunity to turn around.

Character system

One of the reasons why gamers support games inspired by comics or movies is the cast of characters. Because of love, because of idols, I want to play games to have the opportunity to meet and accompany. In Marvel Contest of Champions, you can meet many familiar characters from the Marvel universe. Most of the characters in this universe are present in the game. All have their own skills and strengths. During the game, gamers can upgrade their favorite characters. The strength of the character in the game is determined by the number of stars. Specifically, the maximum number of stars you can upgrade for a character is 6. It’s a fighting game, so both personal strength and the player’s tactics and skills are very important.

Forming an alliance

You can choose to fight alone or side with other players by forming an alliance. Just like the big battles in Marvel, where superheroes join forces to fight Thanos. With the alliance feature, you can completely form a squad by yourself with the participation of up to 5 heroes. Each character will have its own strength and role in the team. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder, fight through many challenges, work together to defeat all opponents.

Explore the mysterious universe

If you follow Marvel comics, you probably know that there are many mysterious and logical things in this world. In Marvel Contest of Champions, the plot is exploited with many universes and divided by chapters. You can unlock the next chapter by completing the quest in the previous chapter. Just like that, you will go through many chapters with many battles with familiar Marvel characters.

mod Marvel Contest of Champions

During the mission, you will discover a lot of mysteries. It’s the story of the universes, finding the final boss behind it all. Defeating the final enemy is the way for you to complete all the chapters in the game. This is a vast universe, each universe has its own mystery. Do well in the tasks in the chapters you will receive attractive gifts. Therefore, there is no reason to ignore the game experience in depth of the story.

MOD version of Marvel Contest of Champions APK

  • Menu
  • Neutralize the enemy

The game is exploited close to the plot in the Marvel world, so you can look forward to the unique levels in the game. The game not only revolves around the battles, but also clearly depicts the relationship between the characters as well as the story of each universe. Play as your favorite character, accompany other superheroes in the alliance team for justice. Download Marvel Contest of Champions MOD APK to be accompanied, fight side by side with the superheroes that you love in the Marvel universe.


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