Download Lustful Shores MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 6.2.0

Download Lustful Shores MOD (Free Shopping) + APK 6.2.0
Name Lustful Shores
Publisher Nutaku
Latest Version 6.2.0
Genre NSFW
Size 64M
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Free Shopping
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18+ games have always attracted people because of their attractive gameplay and eye-catching “burning” shapes. Download Lustful Shores MOD APK and experience super dramatic and exciting defense battles!

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Download Lustful Shores Mod – Attractive defense strategy game

Nutaku is a famous game publisher in the market with many attractive games that leave an impression on people’s hearts. Lustful Shores is one of the outstanding successes of this game publisher. In Lustful Shores there are many things for you to explore and experience.

Gameplay Lustful Shores

Prior to the player launch, Lustful Shores had a long-running advertising campaign. Players will be excited from the moment they see the trailer. Because the game content is attractive and the shape is quite eye-catching. However, this is a game that favors tactical elements. You must use your wisdom and bravery to protect the kingdom from the invasion of aggressive wild animals. They seem to have no control over themselves and make life here chaotic. As an honest citizen, living in this land, you cannot sit still and wait for the day to be destroyed. That’s when the power of the heroines rose. You will use the power hidden deep in the girls and build defense towers to protect the villagers. Enemies are approaching your kingdom. Stop their advance by placing weapons on the side of the road.

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Basically, the gameplay in Lustful Shores is relatively simple. If you’ve ever been familiar with a game of the same genre as Bloons TD 6, then in Lustful Shores you will be more accessible. In each game screen, there are specific instructions to help gamers get acquainted easily. The difficulty level will increase gradually, requiring your squad to also grow over time. Building a reasonable, flexible strategy will help you easily win and get high scores.

Difficulty piles on difficulty

Simply put, not really. In Lustful Shores, the difficulty of the game always increases gradually and shows no signs of decreasing. Because enemies appear more and more with a dense frequency. This also means that their power will gradually increase. Initially, Lustful Shores will let you face small monsters with relatively weak strength. You can easily destroy them. However, then came the appearance of giant monsters with tall bodies and many powers such as battle dragons, wolves, or orc bosses… To win, force you to build a strong squad capable of stopping the attack of the enemy.

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The context in the game changes constantly with increasing difficulty through each level. Therefore, you need to come up with flexible tactical options to suit each context.

Build defense towers

In Lustful Shores, defensive towers are considered not only a means but also a protective weapon in times of war. It will be of great help to you against cold-blooded enemies. After each stage you win, you will gain experience and increase your level. At that time, you will be able to unlock new types of defense towers with great damage power. However, the enemies in Lustful Shores are quite strong. So a weapon can’t help you win easily. Therefore, the use of more reasonable weapons suitable for the context will make it difficult for the opponent to defeat you.

Lustful Shores mod

In addition, the Tower equip bag only allows you to carry the number of defense towers in each battle. Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the ability of each tower type to have the most reasonable participation strategy.

Magic – high damage weapon

In addition to the defensive tower, in Lustful Shores Magic is also considered a powerful weapon when it has high damage. In general, they are quite similar to support items. Because it has a certain amount, and after using them, they will disappear. Some spells have high damage like: Fireball (creates a rain of fire that sweeps the area) or like Cyclone Magic that slows enemies for 10 seconds. Depending on the specific context, the player can use magic in the most reasonable way.

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MOD Version of Lustful Shores APK

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It can be said that Lustful Shores is an attractive defense game that is highly appreciated by gamers. Lustful Shores has super sharp graphics and is ranked as one of the most attractive 18+ games today. However, the game was not released on Google Play, making it difficult for enthusiasts to experience. Download our Lustful Shores MOD APK version to not miss this exciting game. Transform into beautiful, charming and talented female warriors in the battle with beasts. Let’s show them the strength and power of women behind the weak beauty!


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