Download LOST in Blue MOD (Menu, Movement Multiplier) + APK 1.93.3

Download LOST in Blue MOD (Menu, Movement Multiplier) + APK 1.93.3
Name LOST in Blue
Publisher Volcano Force
Latest Version 1.93.3
Genre Adventure
Size 720 Mb
Requires Android 4.4 trở lên
MOD Menu, Movement Multiplier
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LOST in Blue attracts players at first sight thanks to super realistic images. If not, no one will think this is the graphics of an entertaining mobile game. This survival genre game builds the plot with the plane crash. As a lucky survivor, you need to do everything to be able to continue living in the wilderness, full of danger. This is a fight for survival, a fight for one’s own life. Show your survival instinct to the fullest in LOST in Blue MOD APK.

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Download LOST in Blue Mod – Survival after a plane crash

The survival game LOST in Blue is inspired by a famous American TV series. The gameplay of the game is not too different from other games of the same genre. However, what makes the game of Volcano Force attractive lies in the challenges and dramatic situations it brings. This will be a true battle for survival, where you have to act on your own to be able to save your own life. As soon as you wake up, immediately look for what you need. The game does not provide you with available resources or weapons. No one can save you but yourself. The challenge comes not only from the harsh environment but also from the selfishness of the survivors. Try to be able to overcome it all, quickly return to the normal life before.

Simple gameplay

Having “addicted” to the survival game genre, getting used to a new game is extremely simple. The plane crash killed most of the passengers. Fortunately, you are one of the survivors. After waking up, you find yourself on a deserted island. The first thing you need to do is stop the bleeding and give yourself first aid. Then it is looking for food and drink and gradually learning to get used to the new life of survival.

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The initial challenge is not too complicated. This is the time for you to get acquainted and learn more about the game. The road to survival is not short. There are many challenges ahead, dangerous developments waiting for you. Finding and stocking up on essentials is just one part. More important is the way you fight to fight the danger from monsters, from evil people. Before doing the quest in LOST in Blue, you need to choose for yourself a specific character. You can choose male or female characters. However, if you choose a man, the power will be slightly better. This also gives you more or less advantage in the survival journey. The first fight will have you confront the zombies. Gradually, there will be more challenges and opponents.

Protect the survivors

You are not the only one who survived the accident. On this island there are many other people in the same situation as you. If you want to increase your chances of survival, join forces, help and accompany them. Side by side fighting will help your team defeat other dangerous enemies.

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The chase of monsters, zombies can make you feel terrified, exhausted. However, when there is the support of teammates, this will become lighter. Create a powerful army, band together to overcome all challenges. When the community becomes big, don’t forget to arrange and arrange the work for each person very specifically. This is necessary to create a strong, fully craftable organization.

Resource Gathering

This is a basic mission in survival games like LOST in Blue. Fighting and mining, gathering resources always go hand in hand. Every day, you will have to exploit resources to make weapons and build shelters. With the collected things, you can create many things necessary for your survival journey. Be fully equipped with weapons such as axes, guns, knives, armor, …. These will help you protect yourself, enough to confront the zombies, bloodthirsty monsters on the island.wild.

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Life on a deserted island

It is not easy to go back to the life before. So when playing LOST in Blue, you need to be clear about the upcoming challenges. Besides the combat mission, keep yourself in the best shape. Humans cannot live without food. Therefore, you need to allocate your time reasonably so that you can both fight and grow food, crops and hunt animals. Make the most of everything to build a solid base, enough to maintain a safe and full life on a deserted island.

MOD version of LOST in Blue APK

  • Unlimited money
  • Menu
  • Move Factor

Believe me, you will definitely feel satisfied with the great things that the game brings. Ignoring the unique content, the image and sound are one of the most impressive points of the game. Download LOST in Blue MOD APK to explore the entire desert island in the harsh survival context right on mobile.


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