Download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival MOD (Open the card for free) + APK 0.2.460

Download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival MOD (Open the card for free) + APK 0.2.460
Name Live Or Die: Zombie Survival
Publisher Not Found Games
Latest Version 0.2.460
Genre Role Playing
Size 190 Mb
Requires Android 5.1 trở lên
MOD Open a card for free
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As one of many simulated diseases, the zombie – zombie pandemic has long become a deep obsession for all of humanity. Having appeared in many animals, the horror disease is known as an unpredictable and difficult to control threat to us. However, for some people, this is a challenge that deserves to be fully developed and leave a lot of curiosity with them. Knowing that, not only filmmakers, but today, programmers or game creators are also very happy to bring survival games with the original blue zombie theme to bring to the world. You have a great experience and save a lot of survival experience. One of them, can be mentioned Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK.

download Live Or Die Zombie Survival hack

Download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Mod – Unleash your survival instincts!

Live Or Die is developed and released for free on both iOS and Android operating systems by PRIDEGAMES STUDIO. Almost not too different from its name, Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro has only one requirement for you: Survive and survive like a real person in the land of demons filled with ghosts. You are forced to learn how to survive and adapt to this harsh environment if you don’t want to turn into one of those hungry “demons”. For survival games in general, as well as zombie game lines in particular, Live Or Die: Zombie Survival can also be compared like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite today. Sharing the same role-playing gameplay, but Live Or Die: Survival Pro is not so harsh that it forces you to “hunt and destroy” your fellow humans to find life. Or we can say it another way, that at PUBG Mobile, you also have a few friends with you to support each other. Then in Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro, you are alone and have to fight thousands of bloodthirsty monsters. This is what is called true instinct awakening!

The background of the game

It is still a familiar beginning when a strange virus has brought terrible calamity to mankind. They are tiny parasites with the ability to kill the human mind and nervous system, thereby using the host’s body as a “food” crusher. And from then on, those who were charged were called “zombie”!Zombies who only know about food continue to wreak havoc everywhere in order to find enough “food” sources to feed them. Not only that, those chosen by them as prey will quickly develop viral infections through the blood and circulation.

In the midst of chaos that is increasing and reaching alarming levels,  the game character you play is the lucky person who has not been infected with this terrible disease. But what you have to face is a ruined, ruined world filled with bloodstains. The only thing now is to definitely survive in the harsh conditions with the remaining natural supplies out there. Not to mention the zombies that are still waiting to put you on the table every day. Although the plot is almost not too different from other games of the same type. However, in Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro, there are many heavy mysteries that need to be answered. Like the question of where did the virus come from and how to cure the people who have been infected. Dozens of things you have to do when you come to the world “Live Or Die” – “Live or Die?”

Learn to survive

Opening Live Or Die: Survival Pro in the right context of extreme difficulty, players will not receive anything in their hands, even clothes. But in return, you will be given detailed instructions on how to make a few things from available materials, how to make weapons or some useful tips to help you not “die” in the first round. For example: Kill an animal for meat for food, cut trees and firewood to make a fire… Once you’ve mastered all of the above, congratulations!Now you can afford to fight thousands of crazy enemies out there.

No different from the fiction you once thought, the zombies in this game, although not able to fully utilize the human brain, are still extremely sharp, aggressive and brutal. Be careful not to make loud noises to attract them if you don’t want to become a dessert for the zombies. So, to fight better, upgrade your weapons and armor to be ready to deal and fight in any necessary situation. The special thing only at Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is the ability to simulate the true story. We allow you to build a strong and stable housing to enhance your protection, while also fully meeting the natural conditions of rest and living of man after a day.long operation. Of course, the way to build a house in the game is not too difficult!You just need to collect all the necessary materials during the game, then choose an old building that you think is safe enough. Now, let’s start reinforcing it by selecting the existing materials on the left side of the screen. The more materials, the higher the certainty of the house.

Upgrade armor and weapons

Coming to Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro, you will be provided with all the necessary weapons that are inspired by reality such as pistols, long guns to heavy weapons such as flamethrowers or chainsaws.. The difficulty that you have to face is that your level up speed is always proportional to the ferocious and powerful speed of the Zombies. So, if you only have a house and a few basic weapons, in general, you can hardly survive to the end. But this may not be too complicated a problem, you can completely upgrade the available basic weapons, increase the critical damage or you can also create your own weapons whenCombine them with the materials you already have.

download Live Or Die Zombie Survival mod

Because of the high simulation, the map is okay. Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is also extremely large and rich. It requires a certain perseverance from people to be able to fully explore this new “fertile” land. But if you keep going and going, you will get lost very easily. Therefore, the provider encourages players to quickly complete the assigned tasks to soon discover more new places in the world, collect treasures hidden somewhere on the map, and most of to solve the mysteries related to human life.

3D Graphics

Compared to other survival games at the same time, the graphics of Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro are somewhat simpler. Your vision will be expanded and covered in different directions thanks to intelligent 3D graphics with a top-down perspective. This helps you anticipate upcoming hazards. What’s more, the interface of the game has a pretty big difference between day and night. They give you real fear when darkness covers the entire city and the monsters become more ferocious than ever.

MOD Version of Live Or Die: Zombie Survival APK

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The speed of launching and launching Zombie-themed survival games is increasing. But to choose a game that meets all the factors from realistically simulating daily life to manipulating fear and awakening your inner survival instinct – Live Or Die: Zombie Survival MOD APKreally well done. Along with the ability to exploit diverse maps, vivid 3D graphics, quests and rich storylines. Believe that this will be an extremely attractive game for gamers in general and bloody science enthusiasts in particular.


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