Download Lily’s Garden MOD + APK 2.16.3 (Unlimited Money)

Download Lily’s Garden MOD + APK 2.16.3 (Unlimited Money)
Name Lily’s Garden
Publisher Tactile Games
Latest Version 2.16.3
Genre Puzzle
Size 172 Mb
Requires Android 4.0
MOD Unlimited money
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Lily’s Garden MOD APK of Tactile Games publisher tells about the process of renovating the garden of a character named Lily. In the game, you become a companion, side by side with Lily and help her build a campus for herself. The game is also an exciting journey of discovery, in which you have to solve difficult puzzles to complete the task. More details about the money mod Lily’s Garden version, let’s find out with MODPURE right in this article!

Download Lily’s Garden mod – Renovate the dream garden

In Lily’s Garden, your task is to help the character Lily renovate the ruined garden into a large and impressive campus. In addition, the game is also an opportunity for you to experience the work of taking care of the garden, owning the garden of your dreams. Lily’s Garden promises to bring players relaxing moments and unforgettable experiences.

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The plot is light but still interesting

Lily’s Garden tells the story of the main character named Lily. Lily used to live with her grandmother, unfortunately her grandmother passed away and since then she has to live alone. The place where she lives is an old house, where there is a ruined garden. Your task is to become a companion, trying to help Lily renovate that wild garden. Not only the garden, but the house that Lily lives in has been severely degraded and needs to be rebuilt. The game is an opportunity for those who are cherishing the dream of a light, peaceful life, growing vegetables and raising fish. Lily’s Garden promises to be a great entertainment game, suitable to relieve the mood after a hard working day. Lily’s Garden also tells the romantic love story between Lily and her kind boyfriend. The two joined hands to build a home and expand the property. This process takes a lot of effort and effort, and you are an important factor, playing an important role in helping Lily overcome all difficulties.

Renovating the abandoned garden into a “garden of paradise”

Lily’s garden has a large area, but because it is not cared for carefully, it is very desolate. The most urgent task is to create a plan to renovate the garden as desired in the shortest time and with the least cost. You are like a gardening expert, helping to expand the garden into a dreamlike “garden of paradise”. The garden renovation plan is entirely up to you. You are free to decide what kind of plants to grow, how to design the garden. You can completely buy more materials and accessories yourself to decorate the garden more sparkling and beautiful.

Take care of the large garden by yourself

In Lily’s Garden, after completing the renovation work, the next thing you need to do is to plan to continue to grow and take care of the garden of your dreams. Or you can continue to expand the garden if you want, add more trees, flowers, take care of weak plants, fertilize, prune branches to grow well. Whether your garden becomes more unique than other gardens, it all depends on how you arrange it. Each type of tree should be planted in a reasonable position, because some types will need a lot of light, others prefer shade. Choosing a pot for plants is also an important factor. At that time, you need to pay attention to the size of each tree to choose the right pot.

Renovate the house more spacious

The place where Lily is staying is actually a mansion, but because it is not cleaned, it is very messy and old. Along with renovating the garden, remodeling the house is equally important. It will be very difficult because the area of ​​​​the villa is really too big. You need to clean, clean the stains, re-pave the tile floor damaged by time, remove unnecessary items and buy other useful items, to help the villa return to its original beauty.its inherent magnificence.

Solve puzzles to complete missions

There will be many players wondering, because they do not know how to pass the quests, complete the remodeling and renovation of the garden. All you need to do is solve the puzzles displayed in the game. Each correct answer puzzle, you will get more money and necessary items. This money you can use to buy more trees, buy more land, fertilizer and other necessary items. You can rest assured because the puzzles in Lily’s Garden are not difficult. Just be careful and observant, you can easily find the answer. Each question answered correctly, you can unlock more new features, move to a higher rank, and receive more and more bonus points.

MOD APK version of Lily’s Garden

  • Unlimited money

Download Lily’s Garden MOD APK for Android

Lily’s Garden MOD APK is truly an entertaining puzzle game for everyone. Simple game rules, light but interesting storyline are the points that make this game so popular. At MODPURE, we provide unlimited money mod version of Lily’s Garden. You can use money to buy decorations for your home without fear of running out of money.


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