Download Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết Hack MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.2

Download Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết Hack MOD (Unlimited Money) + APK 1.0.2
Name Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết
Latest Version 1.0.2
Genre Role Playing
Size 317 Mb
Requires Android 4.1 trở lên
MOD Unlimited money
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Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết Hack full of diamonds, although not as popular as the Legend of Pirates, is still worthy of a good battle card game, so it should be downloaded to mobile. The famous anime series One Piece has been born for 25 years and continues to update new chapters. The adventures of Luffy and his teammates are not over yet. However, there are still many games inspired by the anime series, giving players the opportunity to accompany their favorite characters. With Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết MOD APK, you will be able to join the treasure hunt with the famous Straw Hat Pirates.

Download Kho Báu Truyền Thuyết Mod – Pirate Treasure Hunt

Pirate treasures do exist, this is what Pirate King Roger said before he died. This saying opened a new era of pirates. Pirates from all directions flocked to the great sea, entered the New World, fought, and found a map leading to the place where the great treasure was hidden. To accomplish this goal, the pirate crew must overcome many challenges. There are many forces in the One Piece world that create balance as well as fiery battles. Pirates, Qi Yu Hai, Four Emperors, Navy, Revolutionary Army, the war takes place continuously between gangs and forces. In Legendary Treasures, you will meet the familiar characters of this anime.

Hands-free chess gameplay

Belonging to the general fighting genre, so you can become your favorite character and join the dramatic battle between forces. Not only the image, but the skills and strength of each character are also preserved. With the general play style, you will control the character, fight with the opponent. You can become Luffy, Zoro or any character you love. To find the legendary treasure and achieve your ultimate dream of being the Pirate King, you will have to face many challenges. Collect characters, create a powerful pirate crew. Arrange the position according to the strategy you built. Harness the power of each character effectively. With this way, you can easily defeat your opponent and become the strongest in the era of pirates.

Initially, the task in the game is quite simple. You will begin to get used to, gradually moving up from less challenging confrontations. The game is built in the direction of hands-free, so the character can still fight when you are not logged in. Complete all the challenges in the chapters to earn experience and gold coins.

Various characters

One Piece fans have nothing to complain about the character system in Legendary Treasure because it is quite complete. There are more than 100 characters from the comics. All are familiar faces, designed according to the original. You can easily recognize the members of the Straw Hat crew and many other supporting characters. Each character has unique skills and moves like in the story. To have an unbeaten squad, you need to rely on the strengths and weaknesses of each character to arrange accordingly. Besides, you also have to upgrade skills, fighting ability of the character with diamonds.

Fun activities

Legendary Treasure has an interesting sequence of activities that build on the important chapters of One Piece themselves. Challenging activities give you the opportunity to show off your skills to the fullest. Experience the Endless Training Experiment, rock the Impel Down prison and conquer Pirate Island’s toughest challenge. No matter which mode you choose, the game is still good, unique and full of experience.

MOD Version of Legendary Treasures APK

  • Unlimited money

Will you be able to find the legendary treasure that Roger mentioned before he died?Become the strongest pirate, own a notorious gang with members with a huge amount of wanted money. Download Legendary Treasures MOD APK to try out the unique tasks in the game right now!


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